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Sabeco is Thaibev’s “jewel”

Sabeco is the jewel of the whole Southeast Asia, Thaibev will never let go for any reason.

In Thailand, Thaibev’s leadership responded to rumors of selling Sabeco. It was Sabeco that brought them to the leading position in Southeast Asia, so there is no reason for them to sell Sabeco.

Currently, Sabeco is at 40% of the beer market in Vietnam. “This is our crown jewel, a rare asset among brewers in the region,” said Thapana Sirivadhanabhakdi, CEO of ThaiBev about Sabeco. Vietnam is currently the largest beer consumption market in Southeast Asia, worth $26 billion and ranked third in Asia after China and Japan in 2021.

In 2017, ThaiBev spent $4.8 billion to own a 54% stake in Sabeco, making Sabeco the largest brewer in Southeast Asia in terms of volume.

In the early years, ThaiBev suffered from high costs, low profitability as Sabeco struggled with cost management, poor output, but now the numbers have grown better. In the second quarter, Sabeco’s revenue increased 25% year-on-year to VND9,000 billion, equivalent to about VND100 billion per day. As a result, Sabeco achieved an after-tax profit of nearly VND 1,800 billion. This is also the highest level since this beer company has been handed over to Thai people.

Sharing from Thaibev, there are currently no plans to buy more shares of Sabeco, currently Thaibev owns 54% of Sabeco shares, State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC) still holds 36% of shares, The remaining 10% belongs to other foreign investors.