MyungJiKorea – AR PhotoKiosk _Sanpaction

*Owner of Project: Eugene You

MyungJiKorea is developing an Interactive Augmented Reality photo kiosk (i.e. photo booth) that incorporates new entertainment technology elements such as animated avatars. we aim to provide the most fun AR 3D experience and animated avatars for everyone. we are in the Augmented Reality (AR) software and hardware field, focusing on facial analysis and detection and instant scan to complete 3D avatar technology.

AR photokiosk, SnapAction turn users into 3D animation avatars with selfie and instant messaging and social networking more engaging and fun. Tune yourself into an animated 3D avatar. You would like can be transformed an animated 3D avatar. Play around with your emoji and make memorable stories through images or videos are equipped with audio. It is an emoji that can turn your selfie into a 3D personalized emoji with just one tap. It has a variety of items to dress up your avatar. There are different body motions, accessories and all kinds of latest fashion pieces to create your own emojis. You can easily express your emotions to your friends on any social media.

Đơn vị duy nhất hoạt động chuyên sâu trong lĩnh vực hỗ trợ toàn diện cho cộng đồng khởi nghiệp tại Việt Nam