Vườn ươm doanh nghiệp Trẻ

  • You are under 35?
  • You have a new enterprise or a less-than-3-year old?
  • You need office space in downtown HCMC with full of working conditions at a low rate of about 1.200.000 VND++?
  • You are looking for capital investments or low interest loans (under 10% per year) to supplement operating costs?
  • You are worried about paying so much on employee salaries (receptionist, accountant, etc.) while revenue is still not guaranteed?
  • You need experienced strategic consultants?
  • You want to join in Commercial- Trade promotion Programs to find partners and customers?

“STARTUP BUSINESS INCUBATOR” – A nonprofit project has been managed and operated by the Business Startup Support Centre directly under Vietnam Youth Federation (VYF) – Representative agency in HCMC which is willing to offer you fundermental supports at the very first steps of starting up your business via many programs


Let us become your trusted companion in a long startup journey!








[su_tabs][su_tab title=”Condition of participation”]

Startup Business Incubator mainly aims at new or under 3 year-old businesses as well as those who have effective business plans and want to establish an business. The program gives priority to commerce – media – technology sectors.

  1. Conditions of participation for the Enterprise:

          Have creative, special business models or business strategies;

         Have a detail business plan for at leat 5 years;

         Create at least 2  full time jobs;

         The financial expenditure for business operations must be consistent with the financial capacity;

          The average income of the labours must higher than minimum salary that provided by Government.

  1. Conditions of participation for individual:

Ca nhan            At the age from 18 to 35, ( (or more than 35 years old in some cases prescribed by law);

          Commit to work full time for your registered enterprise;

          Have experience or be trained concern to enterprise sector. 

          Legal representative must be resident in Ho Chi Minh City. .

[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Required Document”]

To participate in Startup Business Incubator,  Enterprise must reach all the conditions and then complete the Document includes: ho so gom

1. Complete Startup Business Incubator registered form (to get the form )

2. Other relevant documents:

    • Notarized copy of ID + Permanent Resident Book of the Business’s owner;
    • Notarized copy of the Business Registration Certificate (if you have an business)
    • Orther papers or document related to Enterprise’s business sector.

To receive SBI’s services, you must fill in:

 –  Service registration form (file attached)

To get a loan from the Business Startup Support Fund, you must prepare the documents as below :

   Loan application form (notarized by local authorities; Vietnam Youth Federation (Ward/District) (file attached)

–   Business plan (file attached ) (watch Huong dan dien ho so vay von)

       Business and financial plan (file attached)

       Guarantee Application Form (file attached)

Other documents:

       Notarized copy of Land use Certificate (if any)

       Notarized copy of Farm Lease Agreement (if any)

       Notarized copy of ID + Permanent Resident Book of all members of the project

       Notarized copy of ID + Permanent Resident Book of the guarantor.

[/su_tab] [su_tab title=”Procedure”]

After receiving qualified documents, we carry out 3 consideration and incubation periods:


The first period: business idea evaluation and project appraisal

–          Preliminary assessment

SBI’s Executive Board and Advisory Board including intellectuals, successful businessmen, who have extensive experience in doing business will assess the feasibility of the business plan.

This process includes:Danh gia y tuong

        • Support with a revised and completed business plan;
        • Support with a logic and effective financial plan;
        • Support potential projects with relevant documents.

–          Supplimental assessment

SBI’s Executive Board and Advisory Board arrange a meeting to listen about the project. The meeting will clarify and intensively complete the project, measure the  willingness and determination of the project’s  leader.

The result will be announced in this stage.

The second period: incubation process

Uom tao DNThe incubation process lasts 03 years. In 03 years, businesses in the incubator have to implement the obligations they committed to SBI’s Executive Board to ensure the success of the project.

Also, during this process, the businesses can propose necessary supports and, together with SBI’s Executive Board implement them in appropriate time. The process of incubation is caried out as below:

The third periodTot nghiep vuon uom

    • After considering the operations of the business in the incubation period, the Executive Board Business Incubator will decide graduation time for the business
    • After graduation, the business will run independently, without SBI’s supports. However, it can use SBI’s services (consulting, training, trade promotion ..) with preferential rates during the next two years since graduation.
    • After graduation, the business has responsibility to maintain the connection and support startup community, specially SBI. [/su_tab]

[su_tab title=”Benefits”]

Businesses in SBI will receive the best conditions for their operations:


    • Expert consultant support in outline business strategy, prepare for business plan, learn for manage skills by the group of experienced businessmen who are collaborate with BSSC;
    • Finance support by open loans with low interest rate or with 0% interest rate ( depend);
    • Working condition support by create the convenient for enterprise activities (working place located at Ho Chi Minh City Center- District 1, morden facility…);
    • Human resources support : receptionist, assistant, accountant…;
    • Trade promotion support : seminar, workshop, networking events to connect the businesses with business partners od potential customers.


BSSC is the only organization in Vietnam offering specialized support services to young start-ups. We offer help with finance, material facilities, consultation, training, trade promotion and other services.