VinTech City, a member of Vingroup, was founded with the mission to advance the national ecosystem of tech research and startups, following the successful model of Silicon Valley.

We have identified three key pillars of a thriving and successful tech ecosystem: i) tech talents, ii) hi-tech products, and ii) an ecosystem of infrastructure, facilities, support services, and network of investors and mentors. In our first strategic move, tech talents and hi-tech products are the focus in 2019. 

With that in mind, we have designed 06 programmes tailored for tech startups, innovators, researchers, university lecturers and students, in order to assist them in creating and commercializing innovative products and companies based on applied research. These include i) VinTech Fund – a grant for applied research; ii) Grant for Research Labs; iii) University-Enterprise Co-operative Semester; iv) SAP Training; v) Sponsorship for Tech Events; vi) Entrepreneurship Student Clubs. These are part of a broader collaboration partnership between Vingroup and technology universities in Vietnam.

Workshop introduces the University Cooperation Program – Supporting Applied Research and Technology Start-up.

One of the most prominent programmes of VinTech City is the VinTech Fund which is an R&D grant for creating innovative tech products from research. VinTech Fund has received positive and welcoming response from the tech and research community since its announcement. Alongside with financial grant of up to $500,000, VinTech Fund also provides market perspectives and insights to bridge the gap between lab and market.

Ms. Truong Ly Hoang Phi – CEO Vintech City

We believe that VinTech City can contribute to create a catalyst for “Make in Vietnam” technology products in market and complete the mission of supporting Vietnam startup and tech ecosystem.

VinTech City and PTIT signed to award 6 full-ride scholarships to 6 students from ASEAN.


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