Vietnamese Youth’s Start-up Idea Contest – STARTUP WHEEL 2016 – had been officially launched in the Central Areas

An overwhelming number of 700 college students and young entrepreneurship enthusiasts from Da Nang city and other surrounding provinces in the Central Areas have been joining the opening ceremony of Startup Wheel 2016 – a nationwide competition mainly reserved for excellent entrepreneurship ideas.

Startup Wheel 2016 is cooperatively run and launched by the competition’s board of organizers together with Da Nang Young Entrepreneurs’ Association, Da Nang Entrepreneurship Incubator and Da Nang Polytechnic University’s Youth Startup Club.

The competition surprisingly attracted up to 700 college students and young entrepreneurship enthusiasts from Da Nang city and other surrounding provinces in the Central Areas.

Starting from a local startup contest focusing on the university talents currently living and studying in Ho Chi Minh City only, Startup Wheel 2016’s organizers took great interest in expanding the original scale of the contest with a view to providing an annual playground for startup practice and support towards the entrepreneurs’ community nationwide.

As part of the contest requirements, participants of Startup Wheel 2016 would be divided into two tables:

Table 1 includes early-stage startup companies whose businesses have already been legally registered and have been operating for less than five years. Products/services were successfully infiltrated into the market and are currently on customer demand.

Table 2 comprises startup individuals or groups. For groups, no members should be older than 35 years old. Startups can be at any development stage and must have detailed description of business ideas on their main products/services which are prepared for launching into the domestic market in the near future.

The contest agenda is expected to consist of more than 10 major events with a high rate of participation, specifically 600 creative startup ideas, taking place in 4 different regions:

South Areas: focusing on Ho Chi Minh city

North Areas: focusing on Hanoi

Central Areas: focusing on Da Nang

Southwest Areas: focusing on Can Tho


Startup Wheel 2016 attracted up to 700 college students and young entrepreneurship enthusiasts from Da Nang city and other surrounding provinces in the Central Areas.

According to the board of organizers, this year Startup Wheel 2016 receives enormous support from two important partners in the Central Areas; i.e., Da Nang Young Entrepreneurs’ Association and Da Nang Entrepreneurship Incubator.

Besides, this also brings Da Nang a once-of-a-lifetime opportunity to seek for potential startup models which serve as a foundation for the success of executing the city’s entrepreneurship incubation program. Thanks to these beneficial activities for the youth, the board of organizers has a strong conviction of connecting different components that constitute Vietnam’s startup ecosystem.

Deadline for any project application for the contest is 15/5/2016.

For more information about the contest, please visit the website: or the Facebook fanpage:

Vietnam’s Startup Idea Contest – STARTUP WHEEL 2016 – founded by Business Startup Support Center (BSSC), co-hosted by Ho Chi Minh City’s Young Businessmen’s Association (YBA), under the direction of Vietnam Youth Federation in Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam Student Federation in Ho Chi Minh City, has been officially launched on March 2016 nationwide.

Awards include:

1 First prize (for startup companies): 200,000,000 VND (50% of the prize value is in the form of cash and 50% is in the form of material gifts)

1 First prize (for startup individuals and groups): 100,000,000 VND

1 Second prize: 50,000,000 VND

1 Third prize: 20,000,000 VND

1 Creative idea prize: 10,000,000 VND

In addition, top 100 semifinalists will stand a chance of winning weekly supplementary prizes including “Dining with entrepreneurs”, “Community-friendly project”, “Most popular project”, “One full MBA scholarship from Western Sydney University” or “MBUS scholarship from International School of Business, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City”.

Source: ICTNews.

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