The great opportunity for Singapore youths and Vietnam Startups/SMEs

MOU between BSSC and *SCAPE has opened a great opportunity for Singapore youths and Vietnam Startups/SMEs.

*SCAPE Co. Ltd is a non-profit organization that supports youth, talent, and leadership development. As an integrated talent and resource hub for youths in Singapore, *SCAPE offers various programs, communities, partners, and facilities for youths to explore, create, and strive in . Mr. Goh Kok Wee – Executive Director – introduces *SCAPE’s mission, vision, and values. *SCAPE aims to help youths dream big, pursue their aspirations, be innovative and possess an entrepreneurial spirit. *SCAPE has partnered with some international organizers such as Capitaland’s Bridge+ and Cloudbae in China, Global K Centre in South Korea, Kobis in Malaysia to give our youth entrepreneurs a chance to grow in Singapore and across the region. The partnership with BSSC helps *SCAPE expand the network to Vietnam which is a potential market for Singapore now.


BSSC had introduced its information which is a governmental organization providing support for startups and young entrepreneurs in Vietnam. BSSC also shared the startup ecosystem landscape in Vietnam and its role in this potential startup industry. After 10 years of operation, BSSC became one of the biggest startup hubs in Vietnam with a very close-knit startup community with +10,000 startups/SMEs, 1,400 mentors, and angel investors, 25,000 aspiring youths. There are broad sectors in BSSC’s startup community such as F&B, Retail, and distribution, Agriculture, Education, Travel/Transportation, Healthcare, Logistic….To get the best support for the entrepreneur community, BSSC collaborated with many local partners who are the leading startup hubs, big corporate, media partners as well as international partners who are VCs/Investors, international bank, Incubator/Accelerator…. Besides the main activities in Vietnam, BSSC co-organized various activities with international partners in South Korea, Thailand, Australia, Rusia in order to open the gateway for Vietnamese startups to explore and expand the market in Singapore.

BSSC Team and *SCAPE Team in MOU Ceremony

BSSC and *SCAPE had a deep discussion about how to optimize the collaboration to provide business insights and values to Singapore youths and Vietnamese Startups/SMEs. Both BSSC and *SCAPE shared the same values, vision, mission in driving youths, and Startup/SME to nurture and grow. BSSC and *SCAPE signed the MOU which comprised of the following scope of cooperation:


  1. Collaboration: BSSC and *SCAPE intend to collaborate on each party’s relevant entrepreneurship startup programs, share information through their own networks, and continue to pioneer new areas of opportunities to promote and facilitate youth entrepreneurs from both countries.
  2. Coverage: *SCAPE may seek assistance from BSSC in helping Singapore youth entrepreneurs in building local knowledge and network in the Vietnam startup ecosystem. BSSC may seek assistance from *SCAPE when bringing Vietnam startup companies to Singapore.
  3. Exchange support; Either party may cooperate in other mutual exchange support tasks in addition to the tasks mentioned above within the scope of law and policy.
  4. Each Party’s Program: BSSC and *SCAPE may allow startups who have been accepted into either BSSC or *SCAPE’s startup support or growth program, if any, to relocate or join other’s programs.


The MOU signing ceremony between BSSC and *SCAPE had tightened our partnership. And we hope that a variety of effective co-host activities between the two organizations will give benefits to Singapore youth as well as Vietnam entrepreneurs.

BSSC is the only organization in Vietnam offering specialized support services to young start-ups. We offer help with finance, material facilities, consultation, training, trade promotion and other services.