• About 200 featured startups across Vietnam attended in Vietnam Startup Day 2018.
  • About 10.000 attendees at this event.

On August 24th, 2018, the 6th Vietnam Startup Day 2018 with the theme “Dance with Elephants” took place successfully at the Riverside Palace Convention Center – Ho Chi Minh City. This is an annual event produced by Business Startup Support Center – BSSC, co-organized by Ho Chi Minh City Young Businessman Association, with the orientation of the Ministry of Science and Technology, The Communist Youth Union of Ho Chi Minh city, Department of Science and Technology Ho Chi Minh City, the Vietnam Youth Union of Ho Chi Minh City.

During the two days of August 24th-25th, VIETNAM STARTUP DAY 2018 has exhibited and introduced to 200 startups (including more than 20 international startups from England, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore ……) and attracted to 10.000 attendees. Especially, this is an honor for the organizer of Vietnam Startup Day 2018 to welcome Mr. Nguyen Thien Nhan – Member of the Politburo, Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee to visit startup exhibition and share with startup community a useful talk at the event.

Took place from 8am 24/8 to 9pm 25/8, Vietnam Startup Day 2018 closed successfully with a set of these activities:

  1. Startup Exchange 2018 took place in two days (24 – 25/08), with nearly 200 startups attending to introduce about their products, technology; call for investment directly at the event and welcome 10.000 attendees. Especially, Startup Exchange this year attracted to 23 international startups such as South Korea. Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, England,… Besides the exhibition, each startup had 2-minute live pitch onstage in the morning of August 25th to compete for the Pitch Champion.

This year, the NFC card was used for investment at the Startup Exchange. This card was applied the NFC technology helped for investors invest in a convenient way.

  1. The Semi-final stage and the final stage of Vietnam Startup Wheel 2018 competition. In the morning of August 24th, Top 60 outstanding startups of Vietnam Startup Wheel 2018 competition participated in the semi-final stage. Each startup had 2-minute live pitch in front of business and startup community, then they demonstrated products and service’ experience at the display booth with the Board of Judges to take a chance to be in Top 10 presenting in the final stage.

Endorsed by Project No. 844 and on the orientation of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the competition this year has become a national competition named VIETNAM STARTUP WHEEL 2018 with prominent points. Regardless of ages and countries, VIETNAM STARTUP WHEEL 2018 has received the registration form from a 10-year-old competitor – Nguyen Huu Hoang. Thanks to his careful preparation, confidence and a fluent attractive presentation, Nguyen Huu Hoang (Green E) successfully won the most inspiring prize.

Vietnam Startup Wheel 2018 has remarked a new record for Startup Day 2018 with the convergence of nearly 100 judges from multidisciplinary fields, connecting the association of startup support organizations.

The Judge Panel of the Final Stage of Vietnam Startup Wheel 2018 comprised:

  1. Nguyen Trung Chinh – Chairman of CMC Technology Corporation.
  2. Nguyen Ba Diep – Executive Vice Chairman of Mobile Services JSC.
  3. Louis Nguyen – Chairman and General Director of Saigon Asset Management Company.
  4. Truong Ly Hoang Phi – CEO of Business Startup Support Center.
  5. Nguyen Duc Tai – Chairman and CEO of Mobile World.
  6. Vu Ngoc Tam – Co-founder and CTO of NOW Vitals Inc, Director of Mobile and Networked Systems (MNS) Lab, University of Colorado Boulder.
  7. Le Tri Thong – CEO of Phu Nhuan Jewelry
  8. Nguyen Lam Vien – Chairman and CEO of VINAMIT Joint Stock Company
  9. Yi-Chen Lan – Vice Chancellor of Western Sydney University
  10. In the morning of August 25th, VIETNAM STARTUP DAY 2018 was honor to welcome Mr. Albert Antoine sharing their insights in the Vietnam startup community. He is a Senior Consultant in Artificial Intelligence and Technology, founder of 15 companies, of which ILOG Artificial Intelligence Company was listed on the NASDAQ with 2 offices in the US and Singapore. ILOG was acquired by IBM in 2009. He has been an advisor for Singaporean government as well as Asian companies for the past 30 years on the use of advanced technology to optimize operations.
  11. Award Ceremony of Vietnam Startup Wheel 2018.

The closing ceremony of Vietnam Startup Wheel 2018 took place successfully on the evening of August 25th after a 6-month prepared with awards for the outstanding startups.

  • The 1st Prize (Corporate group): MEETE (Nguyen Canh Duong)
  • The 1st Prize (Individual/ team group): CLEVERTUBE (Nguyen Huu An)
  • The 2nd Prize: TRANG – Educational videos bank (Nguyen Quynh Van)
  • The 3rd Prize: HECTOR (Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tuyet)
  • The most creative startup: GRAPHENE – NANO -TECHNOLOGY (Le Minh Tuan)

Besides, Top 60 of Vietnam Startup Wheel also received these awards:

  • The most favorable startup, 5.000.000 VND: AZ88 ECOSYSTEM (Nguyen Ba Long)
  • The best startup female founder, 5.000.000 VND: HECTOR (Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tuyet)
  • The best startup by the student, 5.000.000 VND: Lalas (Nguyen Le Thien Nhan)
  • The Pitch Champion, 5.000.000 VND: EcoWorth Tech Pte. Ltd (Kim Wimbush) from Singapore
  • The most inspiring startup, 5.000.000 VND: Green E (Nguyen Huu Hoang, the youngest competitor)
  1. 5. “Find your Date at Startup Day” is the first and the most meaningful campaign for those who bring love, passion, interest, and belief to the startup community in Vietnam. This is a crowdfunding campaign aimed at connecting RESOURCES from the community to create resonance and sharing in VIETNAM STARTUP DAY 2018. The campaign was processed on and successful with 64 turns with more than 180 million accounted for 180% of the plan.


Vietnam Startup Wheel was produced by Business Startup Support Center – BSSC, co-organized by Ho Chi Minh City Young Businessmen Association, with the orientation of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Communist Youth Union of Ho Chi Minh City, Department of Science and Technology Ho Chi Minh City, the Vietnam Youth Union of Ho Chi Minh City.

2018 marked the 6th journey of the Vietnam Startup Wheel Competition. Vietnam Startup Wheel 2018 has run the workshops across the country in Hanoi, Da Nang, Can Tho, Dalat and especially in Ho Chi Minh City with nearly 20 events from March 2018, and received about 1.500 innovative and practical ideas from the Vietnam startup community. Of which, technology accounted for 32%, manufacturing accounted for 20.5%, agriculture accounted for 18.5% and trade 12%, and the remaining 17%.

As a result, the judging panel has selected 60 featured startups to participate in the semi-final to get 10 tickets to the final stage of the competition. They experienced many challenges, both in management skills, business knowledge, and persistence attitude, passion.

The closing ceremony and awards ceremony on the evening of 25/8 closed 6 months of the BSSC with startups participating in the competition. Vietnam Startup Wheel 2018 has been coming to the end, opened up new opportunities for the startup community.

Startup Day 2018 photo album:

Check out the startups attending in Vietnam Startup Day 2018:



No. Full name Project name Project Description  
1 Nguyen Canh Duong MEETE Meete is the online application connecting offline service businesses in the region to Internet users through different forms of services such as reviews and ratings, promotions and customer care. As one of the Topica Founder Institute 4 graduation projects, Meete won the Country Winner from the Asian Startup Award in mid-2016 and received investment from Angel Investor. In the next 2 years, Meete aims to expand the services to serve almost every essential need of citizens. The 1st Prize (In term of corporate group)
2 Nguyen Huu An CLEVERTUBE CleverTube is an application that provides smart solutions for English learners on YouTube. For example, a video recorder function allows users to improve their pronunciation, because they can see their mouth movements in their own videos. In addition, Artificial Intelligence (AI) gives CleverTube’s users the ability to immediately get a definition of a word on notice boards or documents by focusing their camera to those objects. CleverTube depends mostly on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to build its database. The application is available on Android, and it will be on IOS in the future. The 1st Prize (in term of individual/ team group)
3 Nguyen Quynh Van TRANG – Educational video bank “Trang” – Educational video bank is a video production and sharing project that simulates the teaching and learning of subjects such as math and physics. Trang helps teachers and students save time, shorten the duration of a 45 minutes session to 10 minutes. Not only students can absorb the subject more quickly but the teachers can also relish teaching and get inspired. The project has produced more than 200 short videos of various topics such as Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Environment. The 2nd Prize
4 Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tuyet HECTOR Hector is a functional food line including “Cordyceps Hector Collagen” and “Cordyceps Hector Ginseng”. The products are manufactured in closed production system to create the first outstanding quality Vietnamese Cordyceps drink in Vietnam market.  Hector has created its own recipes for those products and received feedback from its consumers. The 3rd Prize


5 Le Minh Tuan GRAPHENE – NANO


Nano-Technology: Graphene is a project using used animal fat to make a cost-effective mass production of material called Graphene. It is proved to outperform any current nano-materials, and cannot be absent in the future research and development of digital devices like computer chips or complementary product like battery. In 2016, Nano Technology had been successfully made Graphene using animal fat (Stearic Acid). About 1 ton of Graphene will be produced every month in the first year of the production. The following years, its capacity will increase to 5 tons per month which will bring revenue of 150 million USD. The most creative startup
6 Nguyen Dinh Thao MAGICBOOK – 4D The Magicbook – 4D book is an educational project applying the advanced reality technology (AR) that describes things and phenomenon in real-world environment via phone/tablet. Moreover, AR is being applied in classrooms of many countries around the world. Currently, Magicbook has 3 products describing animals, astronomy and daily activities for students and children to learn.  
7 Tran Trung Kien ORISTEK CAMERA360 Oristek Camera360 is a 360-degree car video camera system using Vietnamese technology related to safe driving. Oristek Camera360 was researched and developed based on the needs of car users in Vietnam, overcome the disadvantages of imported products from abroad such as displaying images in high quality, recordings and bar-guided navigation displays when backing up with reasonable price for Vietnamese consumers.  
8 Ta Xuan Hien JOOLUX.COM is an online trading platform connecting collector communities including people who have passion for premium brands or hard-to-value products. This is the market segment where large e-commerce platform (Lazada, Zalora and Tiki) or social networks (Facebook and Linkedin) cannot reach. helps its users to exchange, commercialize their products in different ways such as an online auction, and trade & lease option.  
9 Pham Thanh Toan INNKOM InnKom is a new and unique application for navigating products and services. InnKom were researched and developed based on Magnetic Mapping and Robot Mapping. This application helps shoppers find perfect positions, specific brands, navigation in indoor building and receive relevant coupons, or fully connect with nearby friends. It includes four main features: way- finding, proximity marketing, a searching point of interest, nearby social network. Awards: The Best Innovative Startup at APEC Forum Startup 2017  
10 Truong Van Cuong KOHI – Learning Japanese Kohi is a Japanese learning application using the 4.0 technology to bring the most advanced learning methods which traditional methods could not get through. Kohi has more than 100,000 students studying in Vietnam. Kohi aims to exploit this advanced educational technology to other countries in Southeast Asian and to other languages besides Japanese.


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