Vietnam Startup Day

Aversafe – Credential Verification for the World.

*Owner of Project: Andrew Duck   Aversafe prevents the forgery and counterfeiting of documents, licenses and credentials. Our software enables universities, professional licensors and public agencies to issue verifiable digital credentials. Individuals claim these credentials into a self-sovereign mobile wallet and can share this verified information with employers, banks, insurers and public agencies to cut costs, improve trust and reduce liability. Our platform operates globally and secures documents, licenses and credentials of any kind.  

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ROSIGN CO., LTD – Road design for better environment

*Owner of Project: Jinyoung Chae   ROSIGN is putting all effort on developing technology and product for better road, better environment, and better technology. Based on the developed technology, we take initiative in construction of smart road. We hold sense of duty in providing reliable and safe solution and constructing environmentally friendly road. Founded on the goal of constructing accident free smart road, ROSIGN endeavors to be a road and transportation specialized company.       Our flagship product is…

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ABCG – Art BlockChain Glass

*Owner of Project: Vasin Thepsoparn ABCG #ArtTech platform aims to be a solution for any artists & art buyers of the new generation. Our value proposition is “ART FOR ALL,” not art for the rich. Through researches and interviews with various artists in depth across the region, pain points of traditional artists who hesitate to put their work online due to any theft and forgery can be solved by the creation of ABCG utilising blockchain technology so as to endorse…

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VNEMR is an electronic health record management platform based on cloud storage for commune health clinics and private clinics. Based on the function of family medicine, we ensure the ability to access data and share on the whole continuum of care for patients.

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Bao Trang Hibiscus

Building a material area of Hibiscus in the direction of organic and processing in An Giang province. Trade in value-added products from Hibiscus with Bao Trang Hibiscus such as: Hibiscus flowers, original Hibiscus tea and so on.

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