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GoSell – we help sellers sell more.

*Owner of Project: Tom Peng Gosell is the first platform to create both e-commerce mobile app and web site with payment and logistics support in Vietnam. In just 4 simple steps customers can immediately create e-commerce website and Mobile App without hiring programmers to build or maintain any IT infrastructure. GoSell also helps sellers to synchronize product catalogs and centralize order processing across their web site, mobile apps, marketplaces including Lazada, Shopee and Beecow. Gosell help Sellers sell more!

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*Owner of Project: Ae Rim Son My company’s resources are currently invested in the production of such jelly products as Pectin, devil`s-tongue, carrageenan2, agar, gelatin. Our jelly is of high quality and based on a reliable and diverse manufacturing process. This process allows us to produce various taste, packaging, textures and shapes.

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Celly Story

*Owner of Project: Jounghoon Lee Celly Story is a marketing platform which have more than 3,000 influencers and manage them as an agency. We make money by advertising companies’ products or services in the rule of our strategy and constantly using our influencers’ SNS channel as media We have already good channel to expanding and advertising our service. We also advertised our services with our influencer models and their channels. It works and we are expanding service categories automatically now.

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BSSC is the only organization in Vietnam offering specialized support services to young start-ups. We offer help with finance, material facilities, consultation, training, trade promotion and other services.

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