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MyungJiKorea – AR PhotoKiosk _Sanpaction

*Owner of Project: Eugene You MyungJiKorea is developing an Interactive Augmented Reality photo kiosk (i.e. photo booth) that incorporates new entertainment technology elements such as animated avatars. we aim to provide the most fun AR 3D experience and animated avatars for everyone. we are in the Augmented Reality (AR) software and hardware field, focusing on facial analysis and detection and instant scan to complete 3D avatar technology. AR photokiosk, SnapAction turn users into 3D animation avatars with selfie and instant…

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Incubator with Semiconducting Cooling System (KHS-576)

*Owner of Project: Doee Yang Daesang Kiumi System Inc. started as an expert of Korean air conditioning system design and construction of hatchery farms. We were developed as a professional livestock farming company with global competitiveness while establishing R&D Research Team on Agricultural machine. Our product, KHS-576 is the first incubator that was applied with semi-conducting cooling system which does not need a separate machine room as well as replacement of accessories like belts connecting incubator fan and motor. Using…

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*Owner of Project: Lee Sanghoon is the online platform combined with a review and commerce service. At Vietnam service, has 2,000,000 users in the platform. We can contact and control more than 10,000 local influencers. provides quality of review for users. Also, we suggest a marketing solution for companies which have needed to sales product or service.          

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Naieel Technology

*Owner of Project: Jaewoo Kim . Naieel Technology, who is a Boron Nitride Nanotubes(BNNT), a novel material for 4th industrial revolution, manufacturing company founded by the researchers from Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) in 2015 in South Korea. We provide the best service in the BNNT business as well as its applications for next generation.

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Aversafe – Credential Verification for the World.

*Owner of Project: Andrew Duck   Aversafe prevents the forgery and counterfeiting of documents, licenses and credentials. Our software enables universities, professional licensors and public agencies to issue verifiable digital credentials. Individuals claim these credentials into a self-sovereign mobile wallet and can share this verified information with employers, banks, insurers and public agencies to cut costs, improve trust and reduce liability. Our platform operates globally and secures documents, licenses and credentials of any kind.  

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*Owner of Project: Kim Jae Hyun   Smart ring mouse.   The traditional mouse can be used only in 2D, and receive a lot of restrictions in a certain place or time. On the other hand, a smart ring mouse is not constrained by the space, time and the environment because it can use 3D, is developed based on a tactile sensor and is made it easy to carry with having a ring-shaped design.        

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GoSell – we help sellers sell more.

*Owner of Project: Tom Peng Gosell is the first platform to create both e-commerce mobile app and web site with payment and logistics support in Vietnam. In just 4 simple steps customers can immediately create e-commerce website and Mobile App without hiring programmers to build or maintain any IT infrastructure. GoSell also helps sellers to synchronize product catalogs and centralize order processing across their web site, mobile apps, marketplaces including Lazada, Shopee and Beecow. Gosell help Sellers sell more!

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*Owner of Project: Sanghoon Jung   REMOSHOT is a company that specializes in AR, VR, and 3D contents production. we mainly produce educational contents. Especially, stands out in augmented reality field. Also we produce game and information contents. We solve all processes on its own. so we provide a reasonable price. At last, we have a plan to invest Vietnam and looking for partners.            

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MK – Pain removal

*Owner of Project: Byun MooYoung   MK product is new wash liquid supply system instead of ‘a wash liquid bottle.’ There are two factor. One is machine to make wash liquid, the other is refill cartridge. This system removes plastic waste and related works. and we change the distribution structure. In result, We reduce cost and improve the quality of wash liquid. We’re going to expand product line like coolant, engine oil etc. We will launch innovative products in the…

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Orange Medics, Inc.

*Owner of Project: Kihwan Lee Orange Medics Corporation is headquartered in Korea, which is specialized in manufacturing medical devices under the company’s motto ‘Higher Human Health’. We are researching and developing convenient and safe medical devices to provide best medical care for the surgeons as well as for the patients. All staff would spare no efforts to make our desires come true.

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