Hybrid Video Wall Project by Orion Display Co., Ltd.

*Owner of Project: Kwang-nyun Kim Orion’s main business is special IT devices, exactly display devices, a kind of computer monitors but special technology product not the normal one. As “AI” and “IoT” industries are growing up very fast, this kind of industry needs special and suitable IT devices to realize its advanced technology. Orion’s main market is B2B or B2G. Main customers are government office, military, police, broadcasting studio, electric power plant, railway station, airport, big companies, other many shopping…

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Medical Innovation Developer Co., Ltd.

*Owner of Project: Changsu Park   This product is medical device based on AI for check chest X-ray automatically. Now, it can decipher three kinds of disease such as Normal, Abnormal and Tuberculosis.   After take a chest x-ray, patients are taking their result within 7 seconds and also if patient have disease, it will make a warning sounds to let them know.      

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*Owner of Project: Sanghoon Jung   REMOSHOT is a company that specializes in AR, VR, and 3D contents production. we mainly produce educational contents. Especially, stands out in augmented reality field. Also we produce game and information contents. We solve all processes on its own. so we provide a reasonable price. At last, we have a plan to invest Vietnam and looking for partners.            

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