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*Owner of Project: Kim Jae Hyun   Smart ring mouse.   The traditional mouse can be used only in 2D, and receive a lot of restrictions in a certain place or time. On the other hand, a smart ring mouse is not constrained by the space, time and the environment because it can use 3D, is developed based on a tactile sensor and is made it easy to carry with having a ring-shaped design.        

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FLYHIGH One-stop Financial Platform

*Owner of Project: Ki-young Kim   Flyhigh make financial service safe and convenient! We have core technology for security, payment and digital transformation. In our one-stop financial platform, you can experience all financial service. You can see all your asset(bank account, insurance, etc) at a glance, transfer money, go shopping and exchange money. Now experience our amazing financial service!        

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MOIN, Inc.

*Owner of Project: Il Seok Suh MOIN is a Fintech startup solving problems of the current cross-border remittance market. MOIN has been developing a Blockchain-based global money transfer solution, which enables customers to send money abroad faster and more convenient with lower cost. Without going through traditional banking systems such as SWIFT network or intermediary banks, MOIN directly connects senders and receivers to make the wire process simpler. It’s platform independent and device independent as well as operates 24/7. Headquartered…

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*Owner of Project: Jihyeon Yoon SOVORO provides real-time automatic transcription for hard-of-hearing students and employees based on speech recognition. We offer extremely cheaper and convenient solution than existing interpretation support, because automatic transcription is very efficient approach to solve daily needs for the interpretation support. This enables them to independently and conveniently participate in class / online lectures / daily conversation without assistant. We hope to help hard-of-hearing people engage in everyday conversations and education.

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*Owner of Project: Eunice Goh and Deborah Tan Headquartered in the U.K., SmartUp is a market-leading knowledge sharing platform and agency. We help organisations create co-learning spaces so they can effectively share knowledge on multiple platforms, thus keeping their employees engaged. With our platform, content can be created, curated and moderated with ease. People can learn, chat and share on any device. We have integrated features that people love from the best social and workplace platforms, producing a familiarity without…

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VNEMR is an electronic health record management platform based on cloud storage for commune health clinics and private clinics. Based on the function of family medicine, we ensure the ability to access data and share on the whole continuum of care for patients.

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System of Broadcasting 4.0

Creating gameshow/talkshow livestream interacting on social network at the same time. Having simple interface does not require high level of technology and can be used on any computer/smartphone/tablet without installing supporting software; support multiple cameras via wireless mode with eye-catching images.

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That Son Chi Huong.

The product is handmade and completely natural from the essential oil that brings the typical aroma of the Bay Nui area of An Giang province. This is not only the potential development that could be An Giang product of tourism, but also creating livelihood for Khmer women in border areas by trading simple and luxurious gifts with bold An Giang identity.

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The project aims to support people who have physical disabilities can easily use computers and devices, besides assisting drivers who drive long-distance against sleepiness to reduce unfortunate traffic accidents.

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