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Incubator with Semiconducting Cooling System (KHS-576)

*Owner of Project: Doee Yang Daesang Kiumi System Inc. started as an expert of Korean air conditioning system design and construction of hatchery farms. We were developed as a professional livestock farming company with global competitiveness while establishing R&D Research Team on Agricultural machine. Our product, KHS-576 is the first incubator that was applied with semi-conducting cooling system which does not need a separate machine room as well as replacement of accessories like belts connecting incubator fan and motor. Using…

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Hybrid Video Wall Project by Orion Display Co., Ltd.

*Owner of Project: Kwang-nyun Kim Orion’s main business is special IT devices, exactly display devices, a kind of computer monitors but special technology product not the normal one. As “AI” and “IoT” industries are growing up very fast, this kind of industry needs special and suitable IT devices to realize its advanced technology. Orion’s main market is B2B or B2G. Main customers are government office, military, police, broadcasting studio, electric power plant, railway station, airport, big companies, other many shopping…

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Marrywell service – HSB Corporation

*Owner of Project: Ji Yeon Kim   This service provide a mobile payment system and digitize wedding guests and payment information. It also provides meal ticket and gifts through mobile. We want to make happiness by making a convenient lifestyle.The differentiation is an online service for offline,creating a new paradigm for wedding.              

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Orange Medics, Inc.

*Owner of Project: Kihwan Lee Orange Medics Corporation is headquartered in Korea, which is specialized in manufacturing medical devices under the company’s motto ‘Higher Human Health’. We are researching and developing convenient and safe medical devices to provide best medical care for the surgeons as well as for the patients. All staff would spare no efforts to make our desires come true.

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GGulB Inc.

*Owner of Project: Pherta Choi Sorang is an economical platform to buy/sell or rent the agricultural machinery. Available as a mobile app, you can use the farm machinery when you need it. Sorang is a reliable partner that is economical, efficient, and capable of helping to achieve the mechanization of agriculture.

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ABCG – Art BlockChain Glass

*Owner of Project: Vasin Thepsoparn ABCG #ArtTech platform aims to be a solution for any artists & art buyers of the new generation. Our value proposition is “ART FOR ALL,” not art for the rich. Through researches and interviews with various artists in depth across the region, pain points of traditional artists who hesitate to put their work online due to any theft and forgery can be solved by the creation of ABCG utilising blockchain technology so as to endorse…

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Smoke-free pressure furnace.

Utilizing the waste source as fuel, having over 400 tons / year, and transfering into useful heat for other industries such as burning, drying, burning without generating smoke. Do not pollute the environment. By The Pressure Burning Facility that other foreign devices cannot use the fuel that is friendly with environment like this.

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System of Broadcasting 4.0

Creating gameshow/talkshow livestream interacting on social network at the same time. Having simple interface does not require high level of technology and can be used on any computer/smartphone/tablet without installing supporting software; support multiple cameras via wireless mode with eye-catching images.

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