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* Owner of Project: Phạm Thị Lan Khanh. FreelancerViet.vn, which is the first and largest part-time job platform in Vietnam, connects the employees and freelancers. We created a free platform, in which the employers post their.

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“Intelligent assistant Hana” is the product applied Artificial Intelligence technology (AI) along with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in order to help enterprises with Advising – Caring – Automatically Selling 24/7 on the website/fanpage We created the product “Intelligent Assistant Hana”  which is a smart Chatbot. It can be capable of Answering – Consulting – Online sales 24/7. Hana is built with artificial intelligence platform combined processing natural language (Vietnamese) and service to Vietnamese customers.

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MyungJiKorea – AR PhotoKiosk _Sanpaction

*Owner of Project: Eugene You MyungJiKorea is developing an Interactive Augmented Reality photo kiosk (i.e. photo booth) that incorporates new entertainment technology elements such as animated avatars. we aim to provide the most fun AR 3D experience and animated avatars for everyone. we are in the Augmented Reality (AR) software and hardware field, focusing on facial analysis and detection and instant scan to complete 3D avatar technology. AR photokiosk, SnapAction turn users into 3D animation avatars with selfie and instant…

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*Owner of Project: Jeon Seong Eun   KNOXON Company was established in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam in 2018. It specializes in trade/distribution with South Korea and Vietnam.   KNOXON Company was established with the aim of pursuing Vietnamese health and happiness first. Although there are various product lines, we started with Goggle mask for the first time. This is a priority consideration for the health and safety of Vietnamese people who use motorcycles, Vietnam’s main means of transportation. The goal…

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Marrywell service – HSB Corporation

*Owner of Project: Ji Yeon Kim   This service provide a mobile payment system and digitize wedding guests and payment information. It also provides meal ticket and gifts through mobile. We want to make happiness by making a convenient lifestyle.The differentiation is an online service for offline,creating a new paradigm for wedding.              

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*Owner of Project: Dongwook Kim   Dash company endeavors to make PM (Personal Mobility, also known as electric scooter) a widely used mode of transportation for today’s society.   Its solution integrates PM into public transportation framework of smart city. The solution consists of four components: Open station, PM, IoT device and intelligent management & control system. Open station reduces vandalism and makes operations efficient. Furthermore, it accommodates 3rd party (e.g., PM sharing companies, personal PMs) PMs and enables DASH…

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Medical Innovation Developer Co., Ltd.

*Owner of Project: Changsu Park   This product is medical device based on AI for check chest X-ray automatically. Now, it can decipher three kinds of disease such as Normal, Abnormal and Tuberculosis.   After take a chest x-ray, patients are taking their result within 7 seconds and also if patient have disease, it will make a warning sounds to let them know.      

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Owner of Project: Min Kyu Kim Bovine in vitro Production media (6 types) ○ To handle and wash oocytes ○ To temporary preserve oocytes when performing OPU ○ For the in vitro maturation of oocytes ○ To wash frozen semen after thawing ○ For the in vitro fertilization of matured oocytes ○ For in vitro culture of inseminated oocytes

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*Owner of Project: Jinho Yang Backed by Softbank and Qualcomm Ventures, Toss Lab is known for its flagship product JANDI. JANDI is #1 enterprise collaboration app in Korea and Taiwan with fully built-in collaboration features including group messaging, file management, task management and third party app integration. It works across devices (Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android) to give employees a powerful and convenient tool, while helping employers offer a secure platform to replace informal communication taking place on consumer messaging…

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*Owner of Project: Hong Sengthai Haystome is the best digital platform to provide booking services for various authentic art Experiences in Cambodia. Basically, Haystome is a connecting platform created to help the local artists in Cambodia and change the way of travelling for the tourists. Our goal is divided into two parts which are short-term and long-term. For short-term goal we want to recruit the artists in Cambodia to host the Masterclass for the tourists who are passionate, interested or…

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