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Aversafe – Credential Verification for the World.

*Owner of Project: Andrew Duck   Aversafe prevents the forgery and counterfeiting of documents, licenses and credentials. Our software enables universities, professional licensors and public agencies to issue verifiable digital credentials. Individuals claim these credentials into a self-sovereign mobile wallet and can share this verified information with employers, banks, insurers and public agencies to cut costs, improve trust and reduce liability. Our platform operates globally and secures documents, licenses and credentials of any kind.  

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Orange Medics, Inc.

*Owner of Project: Kihwan Lee Orange Medics Corporation is headquartered in Korea, which is specialized in manufacturing medical devices under the company’s motto ‘Higher Human Health’. We are researching and developing convenient and safe medical devices to provide best medical care for the surgeons as well as for the patients. All staff would spare no efforts to make our desires come true.

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What You Want

*Owner of Project: Yonghoon An With the strong and promising growth of movie industry and video producing for vietnamese young generation, we would like to create a real playground for movie lover in Vietnam. The playground where build the first and best movie database of Vietnam, for Vietnamese and by Vietnamese. the place also has simple and easy way for indie movie makers to introduce their movie to public. What You Want could become the very first pioneer application which…

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*Owner of Project: Eunice Goh and Deborah Tan Headquartered in the U.K., SmartUp is a market-leading knowledge sharing platform and agency. We help organisations create co-learning spaces so they can effectively share knowledge on multiple platforms, thus keeping their employees engaged. With our platform, content can be created, curated and moderated with ease. People can learn, chat and share on any device. We have integrated features that people love from the best social and workplace platforms, producing a familiarity without…

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Smoke-free pressure furnace.

Utilizing the waste source as fuel, having over 400 tons / year, and transfering into useful heat for other industries such as burning, drying, burning without generating smoke. Do not pollute the environment. By The Pressure Burning Facility that other foreign devices cannot use the fuel that is friendly with environment like this.

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VNEMR is an electronic health record management platform based on cloud storage for commune health clinics and private clinics. Based on the function of family medicine, we ensure the ability to access data and share on the whole continuum of care for patients.

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Dwor is the technology platform for integrating data from different social network accounts of users, creating an unlimited and usefull application.

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BSSC is the only organization in Vietnam offering specialized support services to young start-ups. We offer help with finance, material facilities, consultation, training, trade promotion and other services.

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