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LinKorea – Studying abroad in Korea

*Owner of Project: David Jeong   LinKorea, which was founded in 2016, is a company specializing in study-in-Korea services. Through the ‘Student Management System’ that was developed by the company, we provide 1:1 customized services related to study abroad.     As our company is located in Korea, we can provide follow-up services to each student. We provide diverse services such as university enrollment consulting, employment consulting, part-time job connection, matching with Korean mentor to make sure that the students…

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*Owner of Project: Kim Jae Hyun   Smart ring mouse.   The traditional mouse can be used only in 2D, and receive a lot of restrictions in a certain place or time. On the other hand, a smart ring mouse is not constrained by the space, time and the environment because it can use 3D, is developed based on a tactile sensor and is made it easy to carry with having a ring-shaped design.        

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*Owner of Project: Kevin Parrish   Herenow is a “full-trip experience” platform that gives travelers a live view of what’s happening around them in-destination right here—right now, acting as a catalyst for surprising and spontaneous experiences — key ingredients for once-in-a-lifetime moments.  

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