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VNEMR is an electronic health record management platform based on cloud storage for commune health clinics and private clinics. Based on the function of family medicine, we ensure the ability to access data and share on the whole continuum of care for patients.

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That Son Chi Huong.

The product is handmade and completely natural from the essential oil that brings the typical aroma of the Bay Nui area of An Giang province. This is not only the potential development that could be An Giang product of tourism, but also creating livelihood for Khmer women in border areas by trading simple and luxurious gifts with bold An Giang identity.

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Air Fob includes two bluetooth driven devices that sync together, helping hosts control guests electric consumption by switching on/off A/C’s automatically whenever guests enter or leave the house.

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Modoho provides real estate services for foreigners in SEA market. Enabled updatest technology from property management, sales & markeitng and connecting to agents, Modoho serve foreigners at the best experience in investment, leasing.  

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T-Farm Indoor Garden

The T-Farm indoor garden helps people grow any kind of plant in their own home, anywhere in the world. In addition to indoor decoration, T-Farm also helps filter polluted air, providing fresh night-fresh oxygen and clean food for human use.

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BSSC is the only organization in Vietnam offering specialized support services to young start-ups. We offer help with finance, material facilities, consultation, training, trade promotion and other services.

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