SK Startup Fellowship Program

SK Group is a strategic partner of BSSC at Vietnam Startup Wheel 2019 which is the largest intensive startup competition in Vietnam. After following the whole process in the competiton, SK Group highly appreciates the potential of the Vietnamese startup community in Southeast Asia.

Following the successful collaboration at Vietnam Startup Wheel 2019, SK Group selected BSSC as a partner in Vietnam to deploy the SK Startup Fellowship Program. The SK Startup Fellowship Program supports resources without any binding conditions for entrepreneurs in Vietnam. After joining the program, startups could become our Alumni Startups to mentor, share successful business experiences or connect resources with the startups participating in the program. We are aiming to keep the sustanable development of the startup community in a long period.


   Post-seed stage startups with revenue & working product
     ※ We welcome startups in all sectors, however, we pay much attention to the sectors: eCommerce / Logistics, Fintech and Edutech.

Yearly Process

Prize Scheme

We select around 30 startups from startups registering the SK Startup Fellowship Program. After the selection round, the 12 most potential startups will be announced and participate in the program. The 12 startups will have pitching and Q&A session with the experts to compete for the Top 4 to receive a fund with a total value of USD 50,000 / startup, the 8 startups will receive a fund with a total value of 20,000 USD / startup.

Finalist Total Award Grant In-kind
Winner 4 Team (1/sector) $50k/Team – Mentoring
– Investor Pitch
– Overseas Fieldtrip
– Business Network
Runner-up 8 Team (2/sector) $20k/Team

Eligible Criteria

  • Vietnamese-run, for-profit revenue generating business
  • Early stage startup (post seed)
    • Have an established legal entity (less than 5 years)
    • Have a product & generating revenue
  • SK Group aims to activities creating more value for society
  • SK Group is the second largest conglomerate in South Korea, Composed of 107 subsidiary companies that share the SK brand and Group’s management culture named SKMS(SK Management System). SK Group operates globally across over 40 countries and had combined revenues of U$132 billion and assets of U$184 Billion as of year-end 2018
  • Line of business: Energy & Chemicals; Telecommunications, and Semiconductors; and Logistics & Service
BSSC is one of the partners in Vietnam to participate in the implementation of the SK Startup Fellowship Program in the near future:
  • BSSC attracts international resources to support the Vietnamese startup community.
  • BSSC is the comprehensive organization in supporting startup community in Vietnam including finance, facilities, expert advice, training programs, brand promotion activities,…

Since 2011, we have done:

  • +6,000 MSMEs and start-ups in financial and business operations support
  • +15,000 youth under 35 years old in entrepreneurship training
  • +500 startups were either pitched or exhibited
  • +$6 mil in loan disbursement
  • +$20 mil in disclosed investment matching
  • 6 series of start-up events with nearly 90,000 visits in total

Fellowship nghĩa là gì?

“What do you mean by Fellowship?” style=”round_outline” color=”green”]We are all about creating a community and companion. So the idea was to create a followship were we can build strong lasting community.

How is the program different from typical accelerator?

Instead of provided a one set program for all startups, we will try to really understand the needs of each Startups through a interview process.

The cash and in-kind support are also being provided free with no strings attached.

How much grant does SK fellowship companies receive?

All 12 selected companies will receive $20k in grant and the top 4 selected will receive $30k Grant.

What do you mean by grant?

Grant will be in the form of cash and in-kind combined. The exact cash amount will vary depending on the in-kind provided.

What type of companies do you select?

We look for post seed early stage revenue generating startups with working product or service.

Can I apply even if the founder is not from Vietnam?

Yes, as long as the company is incorporated in Vietnam and is targeting the Vietnamese market.

What is the level of commitment needed once accepted?

We understand each startup is very busy with growing their business so we kept the time requirement to minimal level.

The only required attendance would be the initial orientation planned on Dec 17th and Final Pitch on Feb 19th both to be held in Ho Chi Minh

My English is not good, can I still apply?

You can, but a few of our mentors and investors cannot understand Vietnamese.

IT would be hepful to have someone on your team who is efficient in writing and speaking English to help communicate with international partners.

Is my company “too far along” to apply?

Mostly likely not! Although our main focuse will be on post seed early stage startups, we will consider a more advanc stage startup for the SK Fellowship program

Can I make changes to my application after submission?

Not through the website but you can directly contact us at and provide the update

BSSC is the only organization in Vietnam offering specialized support services to young start-ups. We offer help with finance, material facilities, consultation, training, trade promotion and other services.