Cement Tile Custom Design

Cement Tile Custom Design

Cement Tile are commonly used in Europe before. The optimal properties of the Cement Tile are environment-friendly ceramic materials, harmless to users, high recycling capacity, against durability and slip up to hundreds of years. Therefore, Cement Tile is no longer a business product that becomes products of art.

I am Nguyen Son Ca – An engineer trained specialist maritime industry & commerce.
I work in IT & Online Marketing for 8 years from the time sitting on the seat amphitheater & then by fate to brick I was transformed into a production – exporting business tile is 4 years. My family used to use the bricks during the five decades of 90. But I still did not know the value of intangible tiles brought in that time. The optimal properties that brick brought as: product unbaked environmentally friendly, harmless material to the user, the ability to recycle high slip resistance and durability of up to hundreds of years.
Learn & travel through, I know the tile using a lot in Holland, France, Spain … and especially the classic works of high artistic as churches, temples, cultural works ….
in Vietnam, brick products our being used in high-end projects such as Phu Quoc Hotels Marriwot, Park Hyatt Saigon, Headquarters of the people’s committee of HCMC. Ho Chi Minh City, Court & library synthesis Ho Chi Minh City, the relics national level … I started researching & producing high-grade brick products from late 2014 to meet market demand.

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