The sustainable value chain of production of soft-shell crabs

The sustainable value chain of production of soft-shell crabs

The sustainable value chain of production of soft-shell crabs is a project to create a high-quality export soft-shell crabs product line and supply to the upscale restaurants. Advantages of soft-shell crabs production model: a high-end item and high economic value, exclusive production technology, the huge market demand and the most optimal chain of production until now.

-Project Name: Production of soft shell crab in the model of sustainable chain link.

– Locations implemented: Van Phong Bay, Khanh Hoa Province,

– Sector: Production, processing and exporting seafood.

 The objective of the project:

 General objectives:

– Creating a product line of high quality soft-shelled crab to serve the export and supply of high-end restaurants in the local market.

– Building materials zone stable cornering.

– Develop a stable supply of the domestic market with three product lines: Brick Crab, Crab Crabs do Y and parents.

 Specific objectives:

– Production of soft-shelled crab yield 2-10tan / month in 1-2 years.

– Supply of raw crab 5-7 tons / month to cater for the production of soft-shelled crab

– Provide parents 500-1000 high quality crab / month to cater for the production of seed.

– Supply 5-10 ton brick crab, crab high quality Y / month domestic market.

 Planning Tasks:

– Preparation of business registration dossiers, land lease and construction of production areas: 1 month.

– Establish baseline: Factories, offices, farms in crab farming materials, installation of electrical systems, water for production: 4 months.

– Develop HR framework, rules and regulations, job description for each division for the Company.

– Develop a plan to recruit and train key personnel: 2 months.

– Develop strategic development plays first year for the company.

– Operating Company, the company put into operation:

+ Technical Steering rearing room planning production: rearing crabs raw materials, production-shelled crab, crab meat, crab tiles, crab parents.

+ Direct sales department sales plan: product-shelled crab, crab parents, brick crab, crab Y.

+ Steering parts construction quality management and improvement of data quality management in order to for production and export.

– Report operating results of the company for his board.

 Commitment project owners:

– Profit is the biggest driving force drew me into the path of research and perfect production technology shelled crab.

– Exclusivity of technology has stimulated me, help me to overcome many hardships, struggling to conquer it.

– For a permanent business development, technology elements, but not enough, must be knowledgeable about sales, market research, management, finance, … I earnestly invite shareholders to participate Co., not financial contributions that contribute to building the company growing.

– I promise to share profits, share control of the company, is committed to being a pioneer always move forward to put sustainable development Company.



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