Mentoring Program

Although the Vietnamese startup ecosystem is fledgling, we can see a bright future for startups in Vietnam. In fact, startup people have their own strong points, if they are put on the right way to promote their strengths, they will definitely succeed. That’s why they all need a “real push” at the early stage.

The “real push” should be from experienced mentors.

Starting up is a crucial step for somebody to get through before they become real entrepreneurs in a new entrepreneur generation. In order to share knowledge, experience, give instructions for startup people, narrow the gaps, shorten startup time and limit unnecessary risks when starting a business, the Young Business people Association (YBA) carries out a community project named “An entrepreneur – A mentor”. “Every yong startuper needs a mentor who understands and encourages them to overcome difficult periods at the early stage. They are entrepreneurs who should be in charge of this mission”. That is the message of this project.

 “An entrepreneur – A mentor” is the first community project to be organized by an entrepreneurial association, to go for startup activities as well as potential startup ideas. It was launched on YBA’s 20th anniversary. Since 2014, this poject has been carrying out for YBA’s next 5-year term. Its annual mission is to:

–  Train 2000 young people, who desire to start their own businesses, about startup

– Carry out the program “Startup internship” in businesses which are members of YBA and other entrpreneurial clubs for  200 students

– Sponsor 20 creative startup projects in which one entrepreneur supports one project

– Call for investment in 2 potential projects

In 5 years, the project is expected to train 10.000 young startup people, give chances for 1.000 students to join internship programs in the startup environment, sponsor 100 startup projects, call for investment in 10 projects.

The project is carried out via the Startup Idea Contest – Startup Wheel in order to encourage startup ideas or products which go for our society, find out talented young startup people, help them to become real entrepreneurs in the future. Main activities include training, couching, sponsoring, investing.

The project is organised by YBA and BSSC under the instruction of Vietnam Youth Federation of HCMC


BSSC is the only organization in Vietnam offering specialized support services to young start-ups. We offer help with finance, material facilities, consultation, training, trade promotion and other services.