Hybrid Video Wall Project by Orion Display Co., Ltd.

*Owner of Project: Kwang-nyun Kim

Orion’s main business is special IT devices, exactly display devices, a kind of computer monitors but special technology product not the normal one. As “AI” and “IoT” industries are growing up very fast, this kind of industry needs special and suitable IT devices to realize its advanced technology. Orion’s main market is B2B or B2G. Main customers are government office, military, police, broadcasting studio, electric power plant, railway station, airport, big companies, other many shopping mall and department stores.

This kind of public use IT device, operation conditions are very hard and difficult to repair and maintain because customers are normally using this device at public places 24 hours per day. If out of order, not easy to repair and recover, very complicated. Display devices have four major parts, screen panel parts + circuit board + power supply + outside frame.

Based on our technology and experience, Orion will develop a new design product. Normally each device has four major parts inside, but we divide the screen panel and the other parts separately, make the structure very simple and easy for repair and maintenance. Orion’s customers are welcome this kind of structure. In case of out of order, no need to disassemble the video wall sets. Immediate and easy repair and maintenance are available.

Especially government or important public facilities need stable and safe operation and maintenance condition.

Orion’s core technology is transmitting visual signal and power supply from a long distance without noise.

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