Glueck Technologies – Transform Human-Computer Interaction

At Glueck, we are developing the next generation solutions that transform Human-Computer Interaction. Our Deep Machine Learning and Computer Vision technology are enabling machines to understand how human’s feel, who we are and how we perceive the environment around us.

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We deliver Face Demographics, Face Recognition with Emotion Analysis to perform analytics, and extract insights with.

Emotions: Neutral, Sad, Happy, Surprise, Contempt, Angry, Fear and Disgust

Face Identification: Unique ID

Gender: Male or Female

Age Group: Child, Young Adult, Adult, Senior


Evolution of Glueck’s Products using Intelligent Visual Analytics:

  1. Glueck Analytics: The facial analysis to detect gender, emotion, age and attention span in real-time.
  2. Glueck Media: Rule engine to manage targeted advertisement.
  3. Glueck Traffic: Count, classify vehicle type to report on eyeball count
  4. Glueck Customer Experience: Monitors retail customer experience demographics and their experience in real-time.
  5. Glueck Secure: A facial recognition system identifies a person from a digital image or video.



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