GlassOn – Real Life Virtual Glasses Experience

GlassOn – Real Life Virtual Glasses Experience

Real life virtual Glasses try on with many option for color, shape and background. Create 3D Glasses just from photo captured quickly. Administrator site for managing product & sale.
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Hi, we are from SK-GLOBAL JSC – IT company. Our mission to build up reputation of Vietnam products, and create solutions which can assist and connect peoples. We are strength in Image Processing, AR and AI field and idea for GlassOn came from our company’s Hackathon about applying vision field to real life.
GlassOn is all about trying virtual glasses on smartphone. There are 2 targets User: * End User who use GlassOn application on smartphone to try virtual glasses. This application have many effect which bring the best real life and fun experience to User, such as shadow, reflection, optical effect, color filter, background frame … * Shopper who can create and manage glasses product by admin web site. And then they can embed tp their EC site easily.
Virtual Glasses is not new, but we are confident to bring best real life experience to User compare to another applications. We’re also the one who supply full circle to allow Shopper can create and manage their product by them self easily and quickly
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We finished development phase. Our next step to marketing GlassOn to the world wide. We aim to introduce GlassOn to Online Glasses Shops, and our target at least 100 Glasses shops will use our service. Now we already have our first Customer from Japan.

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