Are you an investor? An entrepreneur? Or simply just a person who is interested in the startup sector? Then you’re invited to Vietnam Startup Day 2019 on 23rd and 24th August – bringing together all the national and international startups under one roof, and offering a great opportunity for everyone to approach various solutions with innovation. Especially, this year, our INVESTOR CARD – TAP & PAY will make you experience the Day perfectly. With the Investor Card, you are the “true investor” at our event.

Mặt trước Thẻ Đầu tư "Chạm là Thanh toán" - Investor card "Tap&Pay" tại Vietnam Startup Day 2019

The front of Investor Card – Tap&Pay at Vietnam Startup Day 2019

Mặt sau Thẻ Đầu tư "Chạm là Thanh toán" - Investor card "Tap&Pay" tại Vietnam Startup Day 2019

The back of Investor Card – Tap&Pay at Vietnam Startup Day 2019

Three ways to become an investor with the INVESTOR CARD – TAP & PAY

Investing in startups exhibiting at the event

Your investment decisions have a very important impact on seeking out “The most favorite startup” exhibiting at the event. Therefore, you need to evaluate every startup objectively before investing your money. And most importantly, your investment, no matter how much it is, brings great encouragement and motivation to the startups’ journey in Vietnam and other countries.


Startups introduce their products/services to attendees

A smart business card

Did you forget to bring your business card? Don’t worry, feel free to spread out your network. If you’re interested in any startups in the exhibition area then using the Investor Card. With the simple usage: TAP and choose 0 VND par value, the exhibitors will receive your contact information immediately.

Experience NFC technology with cashless

With the spirit of bringing technological, clever and unconventional things to life, we apply the INVESTOR CARD – TAP & PAY to Vietnam Startup Day for any transactions in the exhibition area. Instead of using cash and bank card, you could purchase any products/services by the Investor Card.

For those who do not know about NFC technology:

Khách tham dự tham gia Vietnam Startup Day với vai trò "Một nhà Đầu tư"

Attendees can “invest” in any startups at the event.


Step 1: Check-in and receive Investor Card

Step 2: Deposit at least 50,000 VND into the card

Step 3: Attendees could purchase or invest in any products/services displayed in the exhibition area.

Step 4: If you want to top-up more money into the card, we have the Top-up stations in the exhibition area.

Note: The Investor Card is only valid at Vietnam Startup Day 2019 and only lasts for 2 days (23, 24 August 2019). The money in the card is non-refundable.

Sign up for Vietnam Startup Day 2019 right now to join the biggest exhibition in Vietnam.

Time: 23 & 24.8.2019
Venue: RIVERSIDE PALACE, Ben Van Don 360D, Ward 1, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City.

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