Sơ đồ gian hàng và thứ tự trình bày dự án tại Sàn Giao dịch và Đầu tư Khởi nghiệp 2016


Panel 1: From 8:00 to 9:30Panel 2: From 9:30 to 10:30 Panel 3: From 10:30 to 11:30

No Name Project Description
1 Lê Dương Hiếu Homily- Website of home furniture Homily is the most unique home furniture 3D showroom in Vietnam. It is designed as a 3D space operated on web and mobile platforms. Besides, we use a special technology to estimate the total value of any space on Homily.
2 Lê Minh Hồng Phúc Black Garlic I Am V “Black Garlic IAmV is a research and commercial production project of the functional food black garlic. It is created from a
special fermentation process of White Ly Son garlic in 60-70 days under appropriate temperature, humidity and pressure
without chemicals, additives or any other ingredients.”
3 Phạm Tấn Phúc Gcall – Website-phone calling connection GCall is a smart calling channel. GCall provides customers, especially online shops, with a platform on their websites and phones, helps them to design and build an online calling channel. It takes just 60 seconds to install the plugin on their websites and phones. After that, GCall immediately turns the URL address of the wesites into a direct hotline.
4 Hồ Phương Thảo Boardgames Boardgame takes players to the happiest period of man with a lot of games, imaginary worlds in our mind when we were kids, or many characters such as Superman, The Beast, … Our project has two core values: connecting people, creating an environment for players to practice their skills, develop their thinking through each game.
5 Trần Đức Hoàng Ezlaw – Electronic contracts and online signature System Ezlaw is the first electronic contracts and online signature System in Vietnam. With Ezlaw, you can create, send and sign civil agreements, commercial contracts via your computers, phones or tablets. Ezlaw is not only a solution ensuring your legal rights but also helps to create confidence in the digital era.
6 Lê Đức Duy Dgreen- managing app for detecting and healing plant diseases Dgreen is an innovative agricultural project. We provide good genetic advanced seedling, managing app for detecting and healing plant diseases, high-tech solutions, agricultural equipment.
7 Hoàng Tân Enkulu – English Online School Enkulu is an online English school providing 1-1 environment (one student – one European teacher) with European standard curricula. you can learn English anytime, anywhere at the most reasonable cost.
8 Ngô Anh Tuấn THIETKEHOA.COM – Online fresh flowers Flower Design is an online fresh flower exchange. It helps flower shops or artisans to create their own online stores and publish their designs for the customers to buy online. We are gradually developing Flower Design and make it a hub for hundreds of artisans with of thousands beautiful floral designs.
9 Trần Thanh Minh Tuyền ceb.vn – Online training Website CEB.vn is a website supplying training programs of Finance – Accounting from basic to advance by Video Infographic which is the first in Vietnam.
10 Hàng Bá Trí Go-ixe – The fastest app of
calling taxi quickly by just one click Go-taxi, Go-car, Go-bike
Call for a taxi via smart phones (similar to Uber, Grab). The standouts of our project are application experience, fast connectivity, scalability of services, safe trips.
11 Trần Ngọc Thùy Linh Hello Rent – house leasing app Hello Rent is a house leasing mobile app helping users to find offices, houses or rooms for rent. Hello Rent are approaching many different types of customers, such as students, office workers and foreigners who wish to reside in VN
12 Lý Hoàng Phú Vietnamese lead glass – produce radiation shielding Lead Glass Radiation shielding Lead Glass is the first made-in-Vietnam product with Japanese Technology. This product is able to cover radiation resistance in experiment rooms or X-rays rooms. The ability of see-through is more than 75%.
13 Nguyễn Hữu Thọ Kamaboko grilled fish Grilled fish Kamaboko is the combination of
“Mind” – creative, products basing on Japanese process
“Heart” – love, responsible for the community
“Prestigious” – green product. We guarantee to provide healthy grilled fish to everyone
14 Nguyễn Minh Nhật Travelearn – Go to learn “ Travellearn – Go to learn” is a study program basing on learning from what we experience. Students study the topics they are concerned with and find the solution after experience.
15 Nguyễn Quốc Dũng G2Shop – E-commerce website for community G2shop is a pioneering e-commerce website which combines shopping and contributing to the community. Our products are all green, handmade and healthy. Participating enterprises are committed to deducting some percentage of revenue for charity. This is a Win-Win-Win model which is usually applied in Charity.
16 Nguyễn Thị Kông Trà Centella Powder Vincent and other related products We are aiming to bring a healthy natural product to the community. We are proud to say that Vincent is originated from VietNature centella farm. Centella powder helps to cool down the liver, detoxify, purify the body quickly, improve memory and eyesight, soothe away stress, anxiety, treat diseases caused by body temperature, rejuvenate the body and face, remove acnes and scars very effectively.
17 Hồ Đức Hoàn EBIV – Trust indexes EBIV project is a pioneering technology solution to building and developing personal trust indexes. Through these indexes, the users can find and connect with reliable people in their work and life.
18 Nguyễn Thị Phi Phụng Frogsleap Foundation SHOP Frogsleap Foundation SHOP is the first shop to collect and sell old stuffs at cheap prices in order to raise a charity fund in Vietnam. Our shop is in Nơ Trang Long Street. The revenue is used for researching green technology, improving current programs and developing other meaningful activities in the future.
19 Lê Văn ShopPro+ – online shop setting platform ShopPro+ is a platform helping online shop owners and enterprises to set up their shops online. All is in this strong intelligent system.
20 Trần Thế Cường Tera App – Fast and user-friendly app creating platform on IOS and Android In 10 minutes, Tera App helps small – medium enterprises to create their own apps easily on IOS/Android/Window Phone. It can help with approaching new customers as well as professionally taking care of existing customers.
21 Đặng Minh Châu nhathauvang.com_ The website connecting house owners and contractors Nhathauvang.com ‘s main purpose is to build a bridge between house owners and Contractors (housing service agencies, architects, builders, internal and external furniture companies, building materials …). The project focuses on the civil construction segment.
22 Trần Ngọc Tuân vLance.vn – Online freelance job Exchange vLance.vn helps businesses with quick outsourcing. More than 100,000 professional freelancers with at least 3 years of experience guarantee to complete the work with the highest quality. Our website helps reduce 80% costs in comparison with agencies.
23 Lê Mai Tùng ShareCar – as your car, at friendly price ShareCar.vn was borned to provide a different transporting option to the customers. It is cheap but absolutely convenient. Our smart solution is that our 4-seater taxi will pick three different customers on the same route so that they can share the fee with each other. The price is three times cheaper but you can enjoy our pick-up taxi service.
24 Lạc Văn Văn ivay.vn – loan registration website ivay.vn is a loan registration website. Customers who would like to get a loan need to sign up the website, our consulting staff will recommend them the most suitable loan product so that they do not have to travel much. Our project has been conducted since August 2015. Every month, there are a thousand customers interested in our website and around 200 customers receiving loans.
25 Nguyễn Thị Lan Phương Medixu – holistic solution for cardiovascular patients Medixu provides smart wristbands monitoring your heartbeat, blood pressure, Oxygen Concentration of Blood (the amount of oxygen in the blood) via a mobile app recording and reporting your cardiovascular situations, reminding for treatments. Besides, we also provide consultancy service, health check registering service, information of medicine, functional foods and other treatment supporting services.
26 Đặng Xuân Trường Hachi – Intelligent Agriculture Hachi App applies IoT in agriculture to help farming house owners to manage the moisture, nutrition and weather parameters. The app is connected with hardware devices at a reasonable price.
27 Lê Hồng Chuyên 24h Green Product We are providing high quaity, safe and fresh foods for people living in the South of Vietnam. We connect customers with the sellers who are farmers, fishermen and established food agencies in 24-hour procedure. We guarantee safe and standardised sources of foods.
28 Dương Đức Vũ Different English – International English Centre With the slogan “different thoughts – different actions – different results”, we are focusing on making the best use of our strengths in mass teaching in Hai Phong and HCMC. We have had 3 branches with over 200 students so far in the two cities. With a community of thousands people, twelve fanpages with tens of thousands of followers, we really made huge benchmarks within less than 3 months.
29 Trần Ngọc Thái Tungtung.vn- Learning Social Network Tungtung.vn is the first social network service in Vietnam connecting LEARNERS and TEACHERS. The website can expand quickly by applying C2C model.
No Name Project Description
30 Vũ Hoàng Tâm Navi – booking app Navi app can help the users to book a room in karaoke shops, spas, holtels… These amusement places can put their ads in the app and the customers will book the services via our app.
31 Nguyễn Mạnh Kiên Carrier – applying science and technology in logistics Applying science and technology in booking transportations to deliver goods. We are aiming to connect transportation agencies with the customers in order to reduce transport modes with empty containers traveling on the street.
32 Hoàng Phương Thảo GURUDY – premium educational kid toys lending service GURUDY provides the premium educational kid toys lending service. Our membership is offered for children from 0 to 12 years old. The parents just need to pay a monthly fee so that their children can play with our premium educational kid toys without limits of time of toys.
33 Nguyễn Văn Hiệp BacK – Smart electronic Bicycle Smart electric bicycle is uniquely designed with an induction screen basing on the IoT platform. It is connected with a smart phone to make the best use of the bicycle and brings you totally new experience.
34 Phan Thành Đạt Alfazi – Online learning support Mobile Application Alfazi is an educational app helping students to interact with their teachers via a smart phone. The teacher using this app can write when helping their students with questions about the lessons or homework.
35 Hồ Nhân Trí Dũng IoTbreaks.vn – in-depth information channel of IoT (Internet Of Things) This is the first website in Vietnam providing multi-dimensional in-depth technical information of the Internet of Things (IoT). Our website is aiming to support startup community in the IoT field. It makes connection among investors, programmers, experts and employers.
36 Trần Minh Tuấn SOSUB – Non-profit Education Project SOSUB is a non-profit education project supporting Vietnamese in studying everything on Youtube and Vimeo with Vietnamese or English subtitle. It is originated from TEDvn.
37 Phan Thanh Phong HiTech agriculture – automatic rice watering system We are the first pioneer in providing hiTech integrated solutions for Vietnamese agriculture. Our product is the combination of mechanic and electricity. The core device can analyze types of plants and base on that to decide appropriate tasks so that the farming is automated. Our products can be applied in different areas and various types of plants.
38 Hoàng Tài Convenient pepper collecting ladder It is a high quality, multi-functional ladder. It can be changed into 6 different kinds of ladders. Especially, it is very easy to store or move such a compact ladder. It has a protective part and can be adjusted to different heights.
39 Đỗ Minh Trí BIG GREEN- Smart watering system The Big Green – smart watering system is suitable for large fields because it can control many watering points. The data is integrated on the cloud to be analyzed to create an automatic procedure. Besides, the app helps ures to monitor the watering progress, check weather information, search for and share agricultural knowledge, update pricing information on the market, join in the agricultural produces exchange. It really helps to reduce the price pressure
40 Ôn Thái Phương Pork pemmican with garlic Pork pemmican with garlic ÁI GIA is made of pork with traditional recipe maintaining traditional pork flavour and nutritions. Especially, Lý Sơn and Tây Bắc garlic add unique taste to our pemmican. Pork pemmican with garlic ÁI GIA is good for your health thanks for garlic’s antioxidant and antibacterial features.
41 Hà Thanh An AntBuddy- the best cloud media solution for medium and small enterprises AntBuddy provides the best cloud media solution for medium and small enterprises. We offer supportive customer service, customers’ information managing service, creates communicative channels inside and outside the company via an integrated sync system.
42 Nguyễn Nhật Tuấn Bus tour – Bus route app Bus tour is the first app combining all transport modes: cars, taxis, motorbikes on a route. It will suggest the shortest route with the best transport mode at the lowest price.
43 Lê Văn Châu Travel Ecosystem App Our app helps the travelers to find accommodations, restaurants on their trips, matches supply and demand. The app helps you to figure out the nearest hotels or restaurants available at the time. This is a part of the World 360° Ecosystem
44 Quốc Hân Glampy – beauty-care registering app Women have a passion for beauty care but they are too busy with their family, their work and afraid of traffic jams, dust, smokes… in the street. Understanding their feeling, we have created Glampy – a beauty-care registering app which brings beauty-care service to your house.
45 Phạm Minh Công S&E – Automatic pig trough S&E create automatic pig troughs which follow the producer’s research to provide appropriate amount of food in certain points of time every day. Our product helps the farmer to save costs of feeding food, creates the best conditions for pigs to grow and brings farmers the highest economic efficiency.
46 Võ Phước Hậu Pippip – connecting fashion lovers Pippip create a fashion community which connects people with unique fashion styles, stylist, models, photographer, makeup stylist, fashion brands and fashion events…
47 Nguyễn Ngọc Vấn Smart Medical Box- automatic medicine dividing and notifying machine It is a device which helps patients divide medicine for parts of the day, based on their medical prescription. Thanks to the automatic notifying system, the patients are reminded to take their medicine timely. It is an easy-to-use and highly reliable product helping patients and their family less worry. It brings huge benefits for the elderly and those who have to take medicine for a long time.
48 Lê Thị An Hạ Amazing Home- Boarding school with mentors for students of Enghlish Amazing Home is a boarding school with mentors for provincial students of English. We guarantee your expected results of English, soft skills and experience so that you can be confident to become a global citizen.
49 Phạm Khôi Nguyên Cardiovascular problems monitoring and warning system Heart problems monitoring and warning system is made of 3 parts: a wireless portable sensor, a monitoring and warning system installed at your home, and a mobile app for you to easily check your cardiovascular situations. (Cardiovascular: relating to the heart and blood vessels)
50 Nguyễn Thị Vân Vegetables leather Our product makes the best use of Vietnamese agricultural produces, especially Vietnamese vegetables. Instead of dried seaweed, you can use our Vegetables leather to make different kinds of rice rolls or create new dishes. We are trying to add more values to Vietnamese produces, improve nutritional values in our meals, ensure food safety to reach the final goals of exporting our products into international markets.
51 Nguyễn Duy Khang Babybox VN We provide boxes with full of necessary stuffs for a baby. Our baby-boxes are very convenient, save mothers’ time with reasonable price.
52 Vinh Nữ Diệu Mơ Handmade Gac fruit lipstick Di Mô Handmade Gac fruit lipstick Di Mô is made from Vietnamese natural materials including coconut, gac fruit oil. Our lipsticks are unleaded and healthy for your lips.
53 Vũ Văn Đan Mini flat chairs for students Mini flat chairs are designed for students who study at their mini tables for a long time per day. Mini flat chairs are durable, convenient and aesthetically pleasing. It makes you feel more comfortable and keep your spines healthy.
54 Trần Y Thành F5yourlife – aesthetic printed product F5Yourlife was born to response to the demand of printing unique aesthetic design on T-shirts and other products in small quantities which is not offered so far. We will create your favourite products which are high quality and suitable for you.
55 Trần Công Chiến Solar power glasses for blind people Solar power glasses with a solar battery help blind people to move more safely and avoid obstacles on their way. Our product sooths away their feeling of loss, brings them more chances to earn money and improve their life.
56 Nguyễn Mi Sen Handmade cowhide products – Jino Leather We are specialist in handmade fashion. Our products are totally handmade and made of cowhide leather.
57 Nguyễn Bá Nguyên 3D wall panels – Creative zone We produce 3D wall panels and provide design-and-conduct service. If you want to redecorate your houses or design unique spaces for your coffee shops, resorts, offices, restaurants, spas… matching your styles. We are the one who can please you from top to toe.
58 Võ Văn Nhí Electrical devices controlling system for Android Our application makes it faster and easier to control your home appliances. You can control all of them just by using a smart phone with Android or iOS platform. Apart from lamps, fans, TVs, refrigerators, projectors, DVD players…, our product can control infrared devices and work as your remote controllers.
59 Phan Văn Tuấn Versatile double coal producing oven using the combined pyrolysis method We are launching versatile double coal producing ovens using the combined pyrolysis method which is upgraded from our existing product – coal producing oven using emissions with the combined pyrolysis method. It includes 2 ovens connected to each other by a flue system. The combination of a heating oven and a drying one makes a consecutive producing process.
60 Lâm Trường Giang VietGap standard fish with food origin examining website We breed fish under VietGap standard, ensure food safety. Besides, we provide our customers with online food origin examining solution. It means they can visit the website truyxuatnguongoc.org to check the source of what they want to buy.

No Name Project Description
61 Dương Đức Phương Công ty TNHH TM & DV Nghi Khôi (Veooo.vn) Today is a good day
We’d like to say hello to everyone
No matter how sunny or rainy
As long as your clothes are dirty
Call us whenever you need
We will serve you immediately
62 Nguyễn Huy Hoàng GMIC Group GMCI Corporation established in 2005, and listed in NASDAQ of USA. GMCI are transferable preferred shares. This is a great investment opportunity for investors.GMCI will help investors to increase capital safely, efficiently and most conveniently
63 nguyễn vũ tâm công ty tư vấn và đào tạo cân bằng Target: Improve labor productivity – Income of Vietnamese, Ban La Trieu Phu – The First Career Development Tool in Vietnam – HELP: Enterprises cut 80% costs of recruitment and 50% costs of developing team, intellectual labors get higher income, reducing the waste of time and money of investment for the unsuitable work with themselves.
64 Võ Khoa Huân Nam Thanh Sài Gòn JSC Nam Thanh Sài Gòn JSC is a member of Siêu Thanh Group. We are specialized in Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners (AC), ceiling concealed AC…
– Our mission is to supply solutions for your house as well as provide you saving and eco-friendly products.
– Our slogan is “ Towards holistic solutions”, we surely bring to you great satisfaction in each of our projects.
65 Trương Công Hải Công Ty TNHH MIDEAS “More than 30% customers on websites/ fanpages/ forums need supports immediatedly (no later than 10 minutes)
Rush online hours is from 18 PM to 23PM
Who will support your customers in rush hours?
“”10 minutes”” – the solution for online customer service 24/7 has our virtual assistant – Hana help you with that at reasonable cost.”
66 Trần Công Danh Maxlink Education “Maxlink provides new solutions in learning with tutors, studying foreign languages in groups … , brings high efficiency and quality to learners.
Maxlink system focuses on connecting Parent/Student to Centres and Tutors, in order to achieve three basic objectives:
1. Accompany tutors and students in teaching and learning at home, with a complete roadmap for quality.
2. Our tutors who are carefully recruited and well trained can adapt for different work situations. They are very professional.
3. Develop a management model of “”a mobile
school””, online management system, online transcripts … meet the needs of customers in modern life
*After being interviewed and recruited, the tutors will have opportunities to work and learn, improve their knowledge and skills in a safe and professional working environment.”
68 ĐỖ MINH TÂN AgrHub English The project is combined of hardware, software and service to build a modern and automatic agriculture. Moreover, we will provide the support services to help connect the farmer, the business and the consumer directly.
69 Lê Văn Tuấn SMILING VEGETABLES “Production – Technology HB CO.,LTD with “Smiling vegetables” brings happiness and good phisical health for you.
Productivity: 500kg per day.
Revenue: 100 million dong per month.
2014: VIETGAP Certificate.
12/2014: X-Startup Challenge Program of YUP! School of Entrepreneurs.
2016: Young people doing business Award
71 Nguyễn Văn Tân http://enijobs.com/ Enijobs hay Engineering Job is a website of job information and job opportunities
72 Lương Tú Anh MK CREATIVE GROUP MK Services : 1/ MK Realty (Real Estate Marketing) 2/ Branding, Design 3/ Event, Activation 4/ Décor Architecture 5/ Production 6/ PR, Ads
73 Đỗ Đắc Nhân Tâm BTASJEE Co.Ltd Btaskee is a high growth tech-start-up that features a dynamic and international environment. Here you will receive exposure to different aspects of a business and will be able to directly participate in a number of projects. The managers carry a Canadian, American and German background. _ The service btaskee provides is to connect customers to local maids in a short amount of time, within about 60s. Btaskee has the similarities to Uber
75 Ms Đặng Võ Hoàng Anh Thư BAO QUAN TECHNOLOGY Co.Ltd HBQ Technology is a manufacturer specializing in Smart Automation Systems and Data Loggers. With our high qualified engineers, HBQ’s solutions for Smart building and Environmental Datalogger have helped many customer effectively solve their problems on operating, water leaking or energy saving, ect…
76 Phạm Phú Châu ONE SHIP JSC 1SHIP is a one stop shipping app that helps users to pick up the desired transporters in Vietnam “Ship more for less” Who need 1SHIP? -Consumers -E-commerce companies, Online Shops, im-exporters..
77 Trần Thái Sơn SMART HOME RasHome is a project which use wireless technology to:
– Control (IR, RF) electric equipments
– Monitor security areas via sensors
– Intergrate, control camera
– Interact by scene
– Interface by web, tablet, mobile, voice
– Suitable for villa, hotel, resort, apartment, hospital, school.
78 Lê Thanh Hoài DELIVERY SERVICE FOR E-COMMERCE Supership.vn is the efficient parcel delivery service for e – commerce. SuperShip.vn connects the shop management system with SuperShip online, which helps customers know exactly the location of the delivery staff as well as order status at various times. SuperShip works like a subordinated delivery part of shop, which helps stores manage orders safely and effectively so that goods are delivered quickly and on time.
79 Lê Quốc Thạch TORKI FOOD Kebab Torki is a fast-food franchise. It is also the name of the fast food which is very convenient for everyone, especially students. With just a small fund, everyone from individuals to groups, can own a Kebab kiosk named Torki. Besides, they will be supported with necessary equipment and production process. Owning a Kebab Torki franchise, you can make the best profit of at least 15 million Dong per month. With a good reputation and well trained staff, we will bring Kebab Torki to as many customers as possible.
80 Bùi Huy Thắng A MOBILE MARKETPLACE CONNECTING DEDICATED HOME COOKS MĂM MĂM- A mobile marketplace connecting enthusiastic chefs with consumers who want to enjoy homemade foods with quality and safety. MĂM MĂM help chefs satisfy passion for cooking, have addtional income and more control of life. MĂM MĂM help consumers access wide variety of good and clean foods and more free time for life.
81 Nguyễn Quang Huy LUCKY TEL It’s very difficult for you to control your time and waste a lot of time when you come to the hospital for checking your health. Solution “Intelligent Queuing medical examination” launched together with you to resolve these issues. Built by a team of over 10 years of experience, dedication, listening, understanding and continuous improvement. We believe that with our solution, the best service will be provided to you.
82 Đỗ Trần Anh Công ty TNHH FARMTECH VIETNAM “We design products applying technnology, mechanical engineering, electric for farms. Our mission is to:
– Positively change the way of farming
– Bring the best solutions to farmers
– The design of 20 products and technical documents, marketing.( Total 80GB)
Finding investors to expand production.
83 Nguyễn Văn Kiệt Grablingo GrabLingo.com is a website connecting English tutors around the world and students learning English in Asean, especially Vietnam. With 1 – 1 method (one student – one English teacher), you don’t need to go to any English centres but study at home with your online English teacher.
84 Nguyễn Lương Bảo Trâm Sữa hạt MHOUSE “Originated from the passion in a small kitchen, researching about natural ingredients and caring about everyone’s health, M.House has developed nutrition products with cereals and herbs. All ingredients have been chosen carefully to bring you pure taste and good health.
All our products are:
– No additives
– No artificial sweeteners
– No Preservatives”
96 Trần Vu Ái CTY TNHH ĐẦU TƯ GIÁO DỤC DU LỊCH MINH HOA – IGo Travel IGo is established with the aim of bringing more Vietnamese young people step out of their comfort zone and discover the world in a way of backpacking travel. IGo is a trusted platform where you might select available itineraries or customise them regarding your desires. Then, IGo prepares you with corresponding travelpacks (including budget flights, hostels, buses, ferries, attraction tickets and orthers). Additionally, during the journeys, IGo Trip- supporters always follow and assist you, via online channels, regardless any issues might occur on the way until you come back safely. With IGo, young people are more confident to self-discove the world with low budget but still earn bulk of unique experiences.

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