Startup Wheel 2020 attracted the participation of more than 1,900 startups from Vietnam and 19 countries on 5 continents.

Startup Wheel is one of the largest and longest run competitions in Asia and has been successfully organized for 7 years. In 2020, despite the Covid-19, Startup Wheel 2020 still maintained the spirit of connecting local and international startup ecosystems together. The competition aims to create a solid launchpad to support startup communities in recovering quickly and developing stronger when stepping in the “new normal” period.

How did BSSC cope with the pandemic?

In the context of the Covid-19’s influence during the first 6 months of 2020, most of the events and programs at a large and small scale in Vietnam and worldwide have been postponed. BSSC, the organizer of Startup Wheel, as a leading startup support organization in Vietnam, was the pioneer moving forward. To be specific, BSSC implemented a series of practical activities in a timely manner to support the Vietnamese startup community overcoming difficulties. With the statement “This is not the time to go ALONE, this is the time to go TOGETHER”, Ms. Nguyen Thi Dieu Hang – CEO of BSSC had fastly leaded BSSC to carry out programs in parallel:

  • “Mentoring 1on1” and “Help Startup”, which bring timely and practical help to startups: pointing out problems and suggesting quick responses, and encouraging startups to keep the spirit of “startup warriors”;
  • “Startup Wheel competition”, accelerating local startups for the next development phase, tractions, and fundraising; and creating rooms for international startups expanding their business to the Vietnam market and connecting with the startup ecosystem in Asia.

The Interview session of Startup Wheel International Track had been kicked off online

By February 2020, BSSC understood that many countries were put under social distances due to the pandemic. This period was also the important stage of Startup Wheel 2020: launching the competition and kicking off the preliminary round in Vietnam and other countries.

The interview session of SW International Track 2020 was conducted online.

To deal with that situation, all communication activities for Startup Wheel International Track 2020 were totally carried out online. Instead of running kick-off events in other countries like Korea and Thailand as the last year, the competition was calling for applications via various media channels, including international partners’. In the first 6 months, BSSC had signed MOU online and working closely with 35 international partners,  200 local partners who are Venture Capitalists, Incubators, Investors, media partners, big corporations … to promote and call for applications in their startup community. Thanks to the support from the partners, BSSC had run the competition successfully at the first stage.

On this occasion, BSSC would like to thank all the international partners from 8 countries for promoting and recommending the competition strongly to their startup community.

Startup Wheel 2020 – A solid launchpad for the startup communities to start with the “new normal” period.

With “hot heart and cold head”, despite facing many difficulties, BSSC still continued the Startup Wheel competition 2020, turning it into a solid launchpad that gathered local and international resources to support the startup communities for “the new normal” period.

After 6 months, BSSC is happy to share its initial achievement that the Startup Wheel 2020 attracted the participation of more than 1,900 Vietnamese and International startups from 20 countries on 5 continents. To be one of the Top 50 International Track as the list below, the candidate had competed with 176 applications from 19 countries in the screening round; been evaluated through an Online Interview session and Business plan writing session. Now Startup Wheel would like to announce the Top 50 International Track 2020 as follows:

ID Representative Startup Name
0266 Deok Hwa Shin Vietmate Co., Ltd
0405 Byun Kang-Hyun Soul Link
0453 Ji Min Kim Minonatural
0457 Lucy Jung Telcokorea IS
0522 Kim Jae Hyun R.O.C.K Co. Ltd.
1125 Seungyong Kim Coconut Silo
1083 Hyunmin Suh Global Order Co., Ltd.
1075 Joseph Kong Danbi Corp.
1168 Natnicha Rungruangrit Globish Academia
0206 Chen Chi Wei XiangQuan agricultural Co., Ltd
1146 Elaine Leong Ouracle
1228 Daniel Shen Soqqle
0296 Tipu Sultan Clipboard
1140 Oh Chu Xian MAGORIUM
0509 Piyawat Sangprasertkrid Verily Vision
0394 Michael Nguyen Petkix – World Best Treat Tossing Dog Camera
1013 Annie – Nguyen Thu Trang Thien Reziena CO., LTD.
0503 Yoon Seung Kim LabSD, Inc.
1044 Kim Kevin Winning.I Company Limited
1010 Woo Gyun Lee CVT – Creative Value Technology
1130 Jinsok Lee OpusM Inc.
1163 Na Yung Roh Marine Innovation
1038 Joshua Park Interbrid Inc.
1194 Tom Peng GoSell
1133 Siwawong Wuttipongprasert Remote-Care
1128 Rodolfo Ponce de Leon KULROOM
0210 TSAI Yu Jie Sinin Technology and Design
1064 Jeerayut Vecabo
1220 Aarti Darooka Darwin Travel Tech Private Limited
1073 Andrew Loh kar fei Table 2 Own
1108 Ngo Ngoc Minh TradingView Inc.
1148 Zhen Yang Yap Engage
0130 Dongwan Park Neptune Korea
0124 Jony Jung bitsensing Inc.
1209 Jonas Larsson Concordia Ventures
1046 Chris Chae Fin2B
1206 Vidya Choudhary Avidia Labs
0208 Amir Kamandi FastPong
0313 Ido Levy SafeMode
1018 Nicholas Chang 42Maru
0470 Hyeonjeong Lee ClimbMax
1072 Wonjin Hong SEEDN
0118 Charlie Park Komachine
1145 Cesar Henrique Noda VRGlass Korea
1131 Kristin Kagetsu Saathi
1280 Lee Jin
1144 Sumin Yi Wayne Hills Ventures
1253 Seo Jeong IL Clean Tech. Co., Ltd
0120 Lee Keon Woo CarrotPhant
0241 Charis Sfyrakis Algomo

Top 50 International Track of Startup Wheel 2020

Startup Wheel 2020 at the next stage

In July 2020, Startup Wheel 2020 will implement the Top 100 training session and select the Top 60 Vietnam Track. Besides, BSSC is preparing for Vietnam Startup Day 2020 taking place on August 21 & 22, 2020. However, with the complicated situation of Covid-19 around the world, The Startup Day event for the International Track is tentatively pushed back to November this year and be looped in The Ho Chi Minh City Innovation, Startup and Entrepreneurship Week (WHISE) – one of the largest startup programs in Vietnam executed by BSSC under the direction of the Department of Science and Technology. The same as the Vietnam Track, Top 50 will join the semi-final and the final round and have a 2-day exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Learning more information about Vietnam Startup Day 2020 via

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