A Korean Medical Tech Company express its strong desire to win the spa market in Vietnam

Reziena.LTD, with its main business in HIFU (Ultherapy) Device – Young &be Pro Rejuvenating Solution. Using a high-tech dermatology procedure called the HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound/ Ultherapy), they provide a high-efficiency IoT solution by providing personalized diagnosis and analysis. It is an immediate face lifting device that is painless, safe, and easy-to-use.

Below is the link to the homepage www.reziena.com

The skin specialist equipment HIFU is very expensive equipment, and the cost of its treatment is up to 4,000USD. In addition, Young &be Pro. Rejuvenating Solution is an all-in-one device that does not require cartridge replacement, so can be used permanently. (Other HIFU devices in the market require cartridge replacement since it has a limited number of shots, and it costs about an extra 400USD/each).

Reziena’s partners in Vietnam

They have entered the Vietnamese market and distributing Young &be Pro Rejuvenating Solution as a B2B business and they distribute spa shops and clinics. They partnered with great dealers to promote our solution as a package, including spa solutions using high technology, functional cosmetics that are made from natural ingredients with high efficacy, training for employees, Facebook marketing, and after-care service through Young &be Membership. 

At spas, they measure customer’s skin type and condition using high technology, and according to the result, they recommend the best skincare treatment. Using various devices of dermatological techniques, they treat customer’s skin. Finally, after the treatment, they provide one of our best functional cosmetics for customers to treat skin at-home.

The market reaction was fantastic in both Hochiminh and Hanoi. they plan to expand to the entire Vietnam, creating an innovative spa that customers never experienced before. They are certain that they can bring the expensive spa business accessible for everyone and activate Vietnam’s beauty economy and finally, but not least, create more job opportunities.

Reziena is one of the Top 5 of Startup Wheel International Track 2020. Startup Wheel – one of the largest startup competitions in Southeast Asia is open for international startups to explore market insights in Southeast Asia, especially, Vietnam – one of the most fast-growing economic hubs in Southeast Asia. The competition runs annually with a 6-month qualification process, giving the startups insights of the Vietnam market as well as connecting them with local partners for their expansion.

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