EcoWorth Tech Pte. Ltd.

EcoWorth Tech (EWT) is a waste solutions partner specialised in transforming waste materials into reusable products while delivering social and environmental benefits. EWT is a Singaporean CleanTech startup, that commercializes an innovative, sustainable technology called ‘Carbon Fibre Aerogel’ (CFA), developed at the Nanyang Technological University to treat waste, in particular remove and recuperate organic materials. In Singapore and globally, there is a need for sustainable technologies that reduce waste, transform waste into value-added products, eliminate environmental impact of polluting industries, and meet an increasing demand for clean water. Although a wide variety of decontamination technologies are available, most, if not all are complex, costly and/or inefficient. Specifically addressing the removal of a massive range of organic components to acceptable discharge levels, is particularly challenging. The technology has the potential to transform the food waste industry, oil and gas decontamination and industrial wastewater treatment.

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