The project provides information and support students Sin4

Social networking is integrated Sin4 many remarkable features of an application in order to meet the needs of students and faculty members in the school.

Derived from the many difficulties encountered in obtaining access to information from the school as well as the difficulty of reaching students notified promptly, in the active list, reviews work-point losing more time for students as well as school faculty and staff, with the desire to solve the difficulties, inadequacies arising, we launched products help make optimizing information in schools and students.

Social networking is integrated Sin4 many remarkable features of an application in order to meet the needs of students and faculty members in the school. The project brings to a channel to aggregate information from the most trusted source on the activities related to academic needs, in the shortest period of time instead of students must follow in multiple pages; many different sources and are faced with dilute status information or miss important information. Besides, Sin4 also solved the problem of student assessment and feedback comments for staff faculty by the link with the school’s list software and e-mail comments.

In the coming time, Sin4 towards providing expanded services like tutoring, technology to photograph proceedings, … meeting the needs of students.
The project was established in December in 2017, with the main objective of building applications to improve the difficulty in school.

Currently Sin4 team with 10 members was developed according to 3 main Board: ban the technology solution, the Finance Board-product development and Foreign Relations Committee. Built on the IOS platform, Android for the students along with the Website for faculty by University College.



Sin4 currently application with many features:
-Message to students, activities, competitions, workshops took place quickly through announce is integrated on the application.
-Updated student information include: information, personal information, register the module, reporting fees.
-See Schedule, timetable offline.
-Admission information departments in the school.
-Check the activities students participate in community activities and training as well as point features active feedback right on the application-is the bridge between students and businesses, the search for accommodation, employment practice-activity list : on the application of each of the students will have a built-in QR codes help you can easily register and list when joining.
-Where are the monitor, interact and share information, the experience of students
-Student support information Channel in the matter of:
+ Support information about housing, dormitories for students.
+ Information about employment, internship issues from the business.
+ Providing information services to students like: photograph proceedings, foreign language Center, soft skills class.
+ Share resources, exchange of knowledge between the students with the school faculty staff.
+ Works from the team Club.
+ Support the procedure from the school

Hiện nay đội ngũ Sin4 với 10 thành viên được phát triển theo 3 ban chính: ban giải pháp công nghệ, ban tài chính- phát triển sản phẩm và ban đối ngoại. Được xây dựng trên nền tảng IOS, Android cho sinh viên cùng với các Website dành cho cán bộ giảng viên phù hợp với từng trường Đại học, cao đẳng khác nhau.


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