*Owner of Project: Dongwook Kim


Dash company endeavors to make PM (Personal Mobility, also known as electric scooter) a widely used mode of transportation for today’s society.


Its solution integrates PM into public transportation framework of smart city. The solution consists of four components: Open station, PM, IoT device and intelligent management & control system. Open station reduces vandalism and makes operations efficient. Furthermore, it accommodates 3rd party (e.g., PM sharing companies, personal PMs) PMs and enables DASH to be an integrated platform for PMs. IoT device enables advanced features such as precise positioning and ubiquitous management & control via connectivity. Intelligent management & control system makes it possible to control the PMs based on policy (time/location) which can be set by the customers (e.g., business and government). The solution can also be interconnected with that of other PM sharing service providers, whether in full system or in components (e.g., possible to attach IoT device to a 3rd party PM). In essence, DASH brings in the aspect of ubiquitous connectivity to enable advanced management and control features. This is an appealing point for business owners and governments as it is possible to control PMs in a centralized manner to ensure safety and compliance of PMs.


Furthermore, DASH brings in efficient operations with introduction of manless charging stations in major sites, optimizing the cost of operation (up to 50% cost reduction).







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