CloudFone – Corporate Call Center

CloudFone – Corporate Call Center

Cloudfone is the enterprise switchboard, helping to address all the weaknesses that traditional PBXs are facing. Get connected with the Internet and your existing PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet devices, Cloudfone offers a convenient solution for businesses with built-in connectivity to all fixed and mobile networks and about 1900-1800 helps businesses reduce their monthly phone bills by 50%. In addition, the Autocall feature in Cloudfone will help optimize human resources and increase productivity. In 2016, Clonefone launched a management application in Vietnamese that helps business owners do not need IT but still can manage the system. In 2017, Clonefone launched the application on IOS and Android to increase the flexibility of calling. With the target of small and medium enterprises (800,000 enterprises located in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City), CloudFone is expected to occupy 10% of this market ($ 1.6 million per month).



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