Smoke-free pressure furnace.

Utilizing the waste source as fuel, having over 400 tons / year, and transfering into useful heat for other industries such as burning, drying, burning without generating smoke. Do not pollute the environment. By The Pressure Burning Facility that other foreign devices cannot use the fuel that is friendly with environment like this.

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VNEMR is an electronic health record management platform based on cloud storage for commune health clinics and private clinics. Based on the function of family medicine, we ensure the ability to access data and share on the whole continuum of care for patients.

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Dwor is the technology platform for integrating data from different social network accounts of users, creating an unlimited and usefull application.

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SHub Classroom

SHub Classroom is a personal learning platform integrated into traditional classes, giving teachers a tool to manage and assess the status of the classes in detail, thereby helping teachers personalize learning programs for their single student.

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System of Broadcasting 4.0

Creating gameshow/talkshow livestream interacting on social network at the same time. Having simple interface does not require high level of technology and can be used on any computer/smartphone/tablet without installing supporting software; support multiple cameras via wireless mode with eye-catching images.

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Virtual assistant for Vietnamese.

Virtual assistant for Vietnamese using artificial intelligent technology for natural language processing, which provides useful features that helps users could use voice to control such as: look up information, control smart devices. Besides, this product is convenient to integrate into all devices and systems.

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Atomic – Learn English super fast

Atomic is the most comprehensive English learning application in the world, helping English learners self-study all of the important English skills. Besides, Atomic support English learners in finding English teachers all around the world to learn online via video call within a low amount of fee.  

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