Vietnam Startup Day 2019 to commence on August 23

BSSC, an organization in Vietnam offering specialized support services to young start-ups, announced the Vietnam Startup Day 2019 will commence on August 23 and 24. The event will see performance of 200 prominent local and international startups including impressive IT performance and application, exhibition of creative and unique startup models and call for capital contribution under questions from investors. The event is a chance for 150 excellent startups from 12 nations competing each other.   In addition to listening to…

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* Owner of Project: Phạm Thị Lan Khanh., which is the first and largest part-time job platform in Vietnam, connects the employees and freelancers. We created a free platform, in which the employers post their.

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“Intelligent assistant Hana” is the product applied Artificial Intelligence technology (AI) along with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in order to help enterprises with Advising – Caring – Automatically Selling 24/7 on the website/fanpage We created the product “Intelligent Assistant Hana”  which is a smart Chatbot. It can be capable of Answering – Consulting – Online sales 24/7. Hana is built with artificial intelligence platform combined processing natural language (Vietnamese) and service to Vietnamese customers.

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Graphene – Nano Technology

*Owner of Project: Lê Minh Tuấn. Graphene is a project using used animal fat to make a cost effective mass production of material called Graphene. It is provided to outperform any current nano materials, and can not be absent in the future research and development of digital device like computer chips or complementary product like battery.

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*Owner of Project: Nguyễn Hữu Ân. TESO is an enterprise providing technology solutions with a team of professional IT engineers. We hope we can bring the best solutions and increase competitiveness for businesses and companies and our mission is becoming a technology companion with other businesses.

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Indefol Engineering Solution Co., Ltd

*Owner of Project: Trần Quốc Hiệu Indefol company work on renewable energy, provided about design, installation and construction solar and wind energy. Indefol philosophy In everything that we do, we believe in: 1.Creating novel technologies that add more values for customers. 2. Creating good things for society. (as it will benefit country and our family eventually). 3. Doing things differently and challenging the status quo. (We do not follow the path but make our own trail)

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*Owner of Project: Lê Thị Thúy Loan. In fact, many youngster still low performance in foreign language and lack of skills when they graduate. That’s why it’s very difficult for employers to recruit. Understanding that, GOODjob combine Training and Recruitment section, with the desire to help employees “Improve skills – Self-confidence”

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*Owner of Project: Nguyễn Thành Tín TeraApp – Platform Create Mobile App For Business in 10 minutes without coding.In addition, TeraApp offers a very competitive price for using the Builder App with React Native to reduce build time and save the cost of programming out a mobile application.

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LinKorea – Studying abroad in Korea

*Owner of Project: David Jeong   LinKorea, which was founded in 2016, is a company specializing in study-in-Korea services. Through the ‘Student Management System’ that was developed by the company, we provide 1:1 customized services related to study abroad.     As our company is located in Korea, we can provide follow-up services to each student. We provide diverse services such as university enrollment consulting, employment consulting, part-time job connection, matching with Korean mentor to make sure that the students…

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*Owner of Project: Trương Công Hải. Hana is known as a Solution of Chatbot applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) Technology, which was researched and developed by 9 co-founder of MIDEAS Technology Join Stock Company. At the same time, Hana will help you to creative an effective marketing campaign with 0 VND and place an order automatically.

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BSSC is the only organization in Vietnam offering specialized support services to young start-ups. We offer help with finance, material facilities, consultation, training, trade promotion and other services.

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