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Graphene – Nano Technology

*Owner of Project: Lê Minh Tuấn. Graphene is a project using used animal fat to make a cost effective mass production of material called Graphene. It is provided to outperform any current nano materials, and can not be absent in the future research and development of digital device like computer chips or complementary product like battery.

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* Owner of Project: Nguyễn Hữu Ân. CleverTube gives you wonderful and smart tools to learn English (other languages will come out soon), it provides very handy and necessary methods to turn YouTube videos into the best English learning resource. CleverTube also provides high quality English Videos from other resources to make it the best place for English learners to practice English.      

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*Owner of Project: Nguyễn Văn Tiệp. Go-ixe is a ride-hailing app (bike, car, taxi) developed by Vietnamese engineers. They provide utilities for the social community and technology solutions for transport businesses, taxi traditional…Besides that, Go-ixe developes another apps such as: Delivery, Car Rental, Car Tickets Booking,..  

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*Owner of Project: Nguyễn Lê Thiện Nhân. LALAS is the first free mobile application in Vietnam. Launched in 2018, LALAS allows the customers donate money to support difficult circumstances by spending their time watching commercials. With this innovative way, LALAS offer them a smart, quick, simple and effective charity. LALAS commits the donation support effectively and clarified to the right person

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* Owner of Project: Tạ Xuân Hiển. Joolux.com is an online trading platform connecting collector communities including people who have passion in premium brands or hard-to-value products. This is the market segment where large e-commerce platform ( Lazada, Zalora and Tiki) or social networks (Facebook and Linkedin) can not reach. Joolux.com helps its users to exchange, commercialize their products in different ways such as an online auction, and trade & lease option.

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* Owner of Project: Nguyễn Cảnh Dương. Meete is the online application connecting offline service businesses in the region to Internet users through different forms of services such as reviews and ratings, promotions and customer care. As one of the Topica Founder Institue 4 gradutation projects, Meete won the Country Winner from the Asian Startup Award in mid-2016 and received investment form Angel Investor. Personnel

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PostCo – Largest parcel collection, sending and return network in Southeast Asia

PostCo provides a convenient way to collect, send and return online purchases at nearby local stores instead of the Post Office. We are currently running the largest parcel network in South East Asia across Malaysia and Singapore with the biggest pharmacy chains, petrol stations, and convenient stores. All locations open from early till late, making parcel collection, returning and sending on weekends as soon as possible and after working hours. And for our retail partners – we offered a new stream of revenue and added…

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Glueck Technologies – Transform Human-Computer Interaction

At Glueck, we are developing the next generation solutions that transform Human-Computer Interaction. Our Deep Machine Learning and Computer Vision technology are enabling machines to understand how human’s feel, who we are and how we perceive the environment around us. We deliver Face Demographics, Face Recognition with Emotion Analysis to perform analytics, and extract insights with. Emotions: Neutral, Sad, Happy, Surprise, Contempt, Angry, Fear and Disgust Face Identification: Unique ID Gender: Male or Female Age Group: Child, Young Adult, Adult, Senior Evolution of Glueck’s Products…

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Flying Chalks – The first intelligent one-stop platform for international students worldwide

Flying Chalks is the first intelligent one-stop platform for international students worldwide; allowing students to seamlessly PLAN their overseas studies, benefit from SHARED experiences and CONNECT with others with ease! For international students, they can benefit from shared information and experiences to plan their study abroad journey, as well as connect with other students for the support they need. When they are ready, they can apply directly to their desired universities through our platform. For universities, they benefit from brand…

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AquaGrowGreens – Green produce for everyone

AquaGrowGreens designs and manufactures products allowing anyone to grow their own healthy food at home, office or anywhere else. Besides that, AquaGrowGreens promotes healthy lifestyles and a healthier planet. AquaGrowGreens was started with the mission of providing an easy and affordable way for anyone who wants to eat trustable and reliable produce, the one that you make yourself! Founded in 2016 and incorporated in 2017, based in Vietnam, we use Dutch and Japanese technology overseen by a team of Vietnamese…

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