ABCG – Art BlockChain Glass

*Owner of Project: Vasin Thepsoparn

ABCG #ArtTech platform aims to be a solution for any artists & art buyers of the new generation. Our value proposition is “ART FOR ALL,” not art for the rich.

Through researches and interviews with various artists in depth across the region, pain points of traditional artists who hesitate to put their work online due to any theft and forgery can be solved by the creation of ABCG utilising blockchain technology so as to endorse transparency & provenance of original artwork.

Artists can manage their own dashboard and be independent. AR (Augmented Reality) is also available for artists to create their work of art to shift their traditional artwork to another level in this digital era. Art lovers who wish to buy an artwork from the artist can purchase and transact through ABCG platform effortlessly and feel safe with an affordable price range.

As long as the artwork is transferred through ABCG, the history of purchase and the artwork digital certificate (NFTs) are immutable and can be tracked with a meticulously-designed algorithm. Our value of ABCG is explicitly delivered to be the effective & systematic solution for all emerging artists with excellent quality.

Unlike other art marketplace, inexpensive commission-based and self-manageable system would allow ABCG to become the #ArtTech platform digitally crafted for everyone.

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