Bach Viet – Control devices by virtual assistant and voice recognition

Bach Viet – Control devices by virtual assistant and voice recognition

BachVietHome is the equipment makes your home smarter. By voice command you will control the device as a simpler and easier way than the previous manual methods without concern about the process of installation and cost.



Our plan is to reach coming stronger and replace the Smart Home products originating from China in Danang and replicated in other areas of Vietnam City. Also we are looking for investors to be able to develop and continually improve further in terms of technology and design competition.

We are confident with the project because most devices on the market smart phones Vietnam today originate from abroad, and the cost of customers to spend very high to possess it. And often customers often have to buy the combo package, depending on the installation personnel or warranty returns complex change. We’re targeting the psychology of the customer is that they want device then that device intelligence alone, and that device so simple that they can buy and self-installation, warranty and care from 1 company in the country will be more convenient for both parties 2, and above all save up to 40% costs compared to other systems Smarthome


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