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Call for participation: Australia – Vietnam capacity building forum for women entrepreneurs in agrifood business

In order to create opportunities for Vietnamese female entrepreneurs to update information on issues related to improving the competitiveness of enterprises in the market of agricultural production and processing; understanding the current situation and demand for agricultural products in Australia, a capacity development forum in Sydney will be organised by Western Sydney University and collaborated with Australia – ASEAN Council, University of Economics HoChiMinh City (International School of Business), Business Startup Support Center. The forum is also an opportunity for Vietnamese…

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FRESH AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS WITHIN YOUR REACH Our company specializes in providing fresh agricultural products for consumers, improving customer’s health. Customer’s health is the greatest pleasure and the biggest success that An Cat Loi company could have. Illustration:  

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Hachi applies high-tech into hydroponic model with Nutrient film technique (NFT), environmental sensors based on IoT and artificial lighting technology by LED. We construct NFT farms with the total area more than 1000m2 in Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh and Da Lat. This is the Best Agriculture Project and The Most Favorite Project at Startup Wheel 2016. Illustration:    

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The High Tech Agriculture model of cultivating is a new kind of mushroom namely Oudemansiella Radicata Mushroom. This is the first model in Vietnam that transfers technology for farmers and consume their products. We are perfectly capable of producing mushroom with FOOD SAFETY STANDARD for local market and export. Illustration:

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The company offers two main products including single coal fired boiler (Phan Retort 1) and double coal fired boiler (Phan Retort 2) with outstanding advantages such as minimizing the amount of toxic gas to the environment compared to traditional coal fired boiler, using Hoang Cam stove priciple to limit distant smoke, fast coalization time, high coalization efficiency and carbon content of coal.

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AGRICONNECT – Nhà trồng nấm tự động ứng dụng IoT

Mô hình nhà trồng nấm tự động ứng dụng IoT cung cấp giải pháp giám sát môi trường và điều khiển tự động các thiết bị nhằm đảm bảo môi trường tối ưu cho từng giai đoạn sinh trưởng của nấm. Người dùng có thể quan sát và theo dõi thông tin bên trong nhà trồng nấm qua giao diện website, IP camera. Đồng thời, phần mềm cũng tự động phân tích dữ liệu và đưa ra giải pháp điều…

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