[Korea] SnappyWire – the fastest and simplest mobile POS platform

SnappyWire – the fastest and simplest mobile Point-of-sale ( POS ) platform – is a special application that is considered as a check-out counter at retail shops, which means, instead of using cash registers with high installation cost, salespeople and shoppers can use their smart devices to quickly make payments.


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HankookNFC – the startup founder of Snappywire – has achieved entrepreneur awards in Korea as well internationally, including:

+ Selected as one of “Startup TOP 100 “ by Startup Alliance;

+ Selected as a member of “ K-ICT Global Business Support Project “;

+ Selected as a promising company in K-Global 300 ICT field;

+ Awarded “ Grand Prize “  at Maekyung Fintech Award in 2017.

The app allows customers to pay at stores and cafeteria by their smartphones. At first, customers need to download the app Snappywire; after that, by logging in with FB account and giving information about the debit card, each customer then will be given a corresponding QR code; finally, the cashier will scan that QR code and the transactions are accomplished. Besides, SnappyWire also supports other payments such as NFC pay, Scan/key – in, IC reader.


You can also sell online with Snappy Link. This app instantly creates a payment link, post it on your social media for selling items. Snappy Link’s features are:

+ No need to create an online shopping website: Just Facebook log-in and ready-to-go;

+ Connect social media and use social network effect for your growing online sales;

+ Expose other items through the shopping cart feature;

+ Email or send a payment link for Invoicing.

In the first year of launching – 2017, SnappyWire has handled more than 500 million USD of transactions in Korea and Japan.


If you want to know more about SnappyWire, please visit us at www.snappywire.com.

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