The project belongs to enterprise operating under the Business Registration Certificate , but not more than 05 (five) years from the date of authorization. It must have at least one founder or legal representative (representative will be named in the loan contract) satisfies the following conditions:

  • Live in Ho Chi Minh City ( have Permanent Resident Book/KT3);
  • Have the capacity and the capacity for civil acts in full;

Eligible enterprises and requirementsProcedure, documentsLoan processFamiliar questions

1. Eligible enterprises and requirements:

  • Eligible enterprises:

–   Enterprises that have the projects with new ideas, create jobs for the community;

–   Enterprises that have the projects in HCMC’s key industríe;

–   Enterprises that apply technology in production or service;

     Enterprises that develop creative models or value-added models.

  • Requirements:

       Have financial capability to ensure the ability to repay the loan in committed term;

       Have a feasible and effective investment project, production or service plan ;

–    Implement business registration and taxe obligations as prescribed by Law.

       Legal loan purpose.

     Not for projects which have  received loans from the funds which is introduced or mandated by Vietnam Youth Federation.

Group of business partners discussing paper at meeting in office

 2. Procedure, loan document: 

To get a loan from The Business Startup Support Fund, you  must prepare the following documents:

Image of business people hands on top of each other

     Loan application form (notarized by local authorities; Vietnam Youth Federation (Ward/District) (Attachment)

       Notarized copy of ID + Permanent Resident Book of the borrower.

       Notarized copy of ID + Permanent Resident Book of the guarantor.

      Notarized copy of the Business Registration Certificate and other certificates as prescribed by law.

         Financial statement for 2 latest years.

         Guarantor’s income proof.

      03 – 05 latest photos of the project  (in less than 1 month).

       Other documents verifying the existence of the plan.

–     Startup Business Incubator application for (Attachment)

3. Loan process

Group of business partners interacting while planning work at meeting

     The borrower prepare the required documents and submit them to BSSC.

   BSSC verifies the documents and requests the borrower for more  necessary documents (if any).

   BSSC examines and appraises the project’s feasibility. After that, BSSC will consider to approve the loan.

About us
BSSC is the only organization in Vietnam offering specialized support services to young start-ups. We offer help with finance, material facilities, consultation, training, trade promotion and other services.
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